Motivational Monday: Yellow

Let each Monday bring a new source of inspiration, growth and passion for life! Every week I'll be posting a series of images based around a common theme that I hope you will find will spark your creative minds.

Yellow: sunshine, electric, energy, summer, flowing dresses.

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This quote helps keep things in perspective.

Whenever I've having a tough day where I find my work unsatisfactory and I find myself feeling jealous over the exceptional work of others in the knitting community, I have to remind myself that they were able to achieve a higher quality of work through practice and experience that I haven't had yet.

They too, had to start somewhere, but they persevered and continued to work hard. I can only compare my work that I did today to the work I did yesterday, the day before, the day when I first started out, and not to the work of others. Of course their work can be a source of inspiration but not a source of competition. That can quickly lead to a spiral of doubt and defeat.

Believe in yourself and your work! You could feel like a beginner compared to others, but to someone else, you could be that expert.