Motivational Monday: Pink

Let each Monday bring a new source of inspiration, growth and passion for life! Every week I'll be posting a series of images based around a common theme that I hope you will find will spark your creative minds.

Pink: fluffy, cotton candy, flowers, sweets, sugar, bubbly

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I'm currently working on a big project - I'm writing a book! There, I've announced it so I have to finish it. 

Writing has always been a daunting task for me. I'm not that great at it and it's not my favourite thing to do. However publishing a book is a good way to connect with you, dear knitter, as another form of education and sharing my experiences. Don't worry, it is knitting related and my biggest hope is that aspiring designers (and beginner designers) will find useful and refer to it again and again.

But in order to tackle such a challenging feat I have set myself deadlines and have broken down the structure of the book into digestible parts where I can work on it without feeling too overwhelmed. Right now, just 15 minutes a day, no music, no distractions I will work solely on it. Today was day 1. Let's see how I progress!

Are you working on something challenging in your life? How are you going about working on it? What do you do to make it manageable?