Let's Chat!: What are Your Craft Related Goals?

The Let’s Chat series is a thread on my Ravelry forum where a new conversation topic related to knitting is posted every week. Participants in the threads are entered into a monthly giveaway where they can win either one of my patterns, yarn in my stash or receive a surprise package filled with goodies from Japan!

My moderator asks the discussion topic this week and is interested to see where we stand on our goals as we are half-way through the year! Did you make a list of goals at the beginning of the year and have you reached them by this point? Are you still working on them? What has piqued your interest since then? Have you updated your goals?

Here's my list of goals from the beginning of the year:

1) Learn and study about yarn fibers

2) Get at least one pattern published in a magazine

3) Go full force with my designs (get creative with shawls and give a go with designing a pullover).

So, let's see how I've done with them so far... Well I certainly have been studying up with Clara Parkes' book "The Knitter's Book of Yarn", but I have also been working with different yarn brands, to understand how the blends, fibers and ply's all work within a pattern and which ones are best suited for which project. However, this is an ongoing process and one that I'll be working on for a long time.

Number two: achieved this goal! If all goes well, you'll be seeing three of my designs in magazines very soon! Because I have achieved this goal, I'm going to take it one step further and see if I can get at least one design published in amirisu, Pom-Pom magazine, Twist Collective, Interweave Knits, or Vogue Knitting. These are magazines that I've been following for quite a while and I've admired the quality of designs and photography that go into them. 

Number three: this one is pretty vague, but I've really been wanting to push myself in terms of my designs, especially for shawls. Experiment with different shawls, try different techniques, play with textures, etc. I've achieved my goal in terms of designing a garment, though a pullover is still yet to come (this winter, most likely)!

What new goals have popped up? Not much, but just mostly collaborating with other knitters and yarn makers and building relationships with LYS. I'm a pretty introverted person, so reaching out and communicating with other people has been a challenge for me, but I've met so many wonderful people so it's definitely been worth it.

So how about you? What’s piqued your interest this year? Share your thoughts and comments here!