Feeling Stripey...

I burned my fingers from the friction of winding up the yarn.

Finally I have caught up with finishing knitting up my secret projects (or at least getting a break before my next wave) so I can show you what's next on my needles. Or what I want to be next on my needles!

I'm very excited to be casting on using Madelinetosh's Tosh Merino Light line. 840 yards of merino fingering goodness. I was originally going to use these two colors (along with a third) to knit up a shawl but after really thinking about the shawl's concept design, I wasn't so sure. And I also have come to really love knitting garments. Looks like another top is in the works! But what to do with two colors...? 

Stripes! I have some ideas for a stripe top but right now my main "dilemma" is whether I want to add texture to the bottom portion of the top or leave it in stockinette? I've been looking around on Ravelry for inspiration help and I found myself coming across the queen of textured stripes rililie. She is not afraid to add texture into her garments as well as add a pop of colour in there. 

At the same time though, there is nothing wrong with keeping a design simple and I know the top portion of the garment will be getting either a textured or lacy pattern so the main focus will be up there. Hmmm, what to do, what to do!