Creating a Mini LYS From Home

I want to fill this to the brim!

I want to fill this to the brim!

Living where I am, the closest LYS is located in Kyoto, a few hundred dollars and six hour trip by bullet train. The retail craft stores don't carry yarns that I'm interested in as the majority of their stock are scratchy wools and acrylic blends. I purchase all of my yarns online so whenever a package arrives, it is like receiving a small bundle of happiness and homely comforts. Or big bundle depending how much yarn I splurged on. Until recently, I had been keeping the yarns a paper bag or in plastic containers but 1) it's not very slightly and 2) sometimes I lose track of my yarn stash. What to do?

As a solution to my dilemma, I asked my husband to buy me a small bookshelf. I was slightly embarrassed to ask him for this, as almost all my purchases now are yarn or knitting related. My husband has to encourage me to ask for other things, as he cannot always grant my requests for "x yarn right now". He really likes to dote me and buy me gifts (he has really spoiled me). However, he was more than happy to oblige my request for a $9 bookshelf, which was then purchased and assembled in my small office room.

I'm still playing around with the set up of the yarns, but the top shelf is dedicated to the most recent yarn purchases and skeins. The first time I walked into the office after setting everything up, I got the smallest inkling of a feeling that I had just walked into a LYS. A messy, tiny LYS but an LYS nonetheless. It made me oh so very happy and it was nice to see all my yarns in full view and in easy access. 

I know I'm not the only knitter in the world how doesn't have quick access to good yarns. Currently in my Ravelry forums a yarn swap is going on, and some knitters are more than happy to swap and receive new yarns that are not easy to get to and support each other. We all understand our love and need for yarns.