Lessons I've Learned: Flexibility is Key!

One week's worth of work can be summed up in that yarn cake.

One week's worth of work can be summed up in that yarn cake.

Remember that sneak peak image I posted a few days ago from my Secret Collection? Well, it is not going to be a very accurate image. I've had to go back to the drawing board as my current vision for the design did not like the combination of yarn and the color work technique I was employing. This was slightly annoying as I had been working on this particular trouble area for a few days, ripping my work and wearing out my poor yarn almost to the limits. 

I am quite a stubborn person when it comes to my knitting projects. I'm a perfectionist so if one stitch looks funny, it will bother me until I either decide to let it go or suck it up and fix it. 100% of the time that I go back to fix the mistake, I am always grateful that I took the time to rip out my work. 

However, there are moments when you have to do more than just ripping your work a few rows to fix little mistakes or make adjustments in how to knit the stitches. Sometimes you have to scrap all your ideas and start from scratch. It can be disheartening to know that the first few drafts didn't work out, but it also pushes me to search for alternative solutions, employ different techniques, to find a new design or pattern that is so much better than the original idea. 

Knitting has taught me that patience and perseverance are good characteristics to have but sometimes flexibility is key. Flexibility of ideas and concepts, instead of remaining steadfast on an idea that may not work as well because you do not have the know-how currently on how to solve the problem. And that's ok!