Huatau Cardigan and Hat Test Knits

Yes, I have two new test knits ready to go on my Ravelry forum! I've already got the Whakemārie well under way so I'll be managing three test knits all together. July is going to be ridiculous filled with new designs.

Huatau Hat

I had two goals in mind for this design: one, use one skein and two, work the decreases so that the lace pattern stays intact right until the last few rows. If you look at it from the crown down, the decreases converge to make a star shape! Nice and neat. I used one skein of Quince & Co's Chickadee yarn (181 yards) and it is absolutely lovely. If you are interested in this test knit, sign up here.

Huatau Cardigan

Oh boy, this one. This is my first garment design (and second garment I've ever knit? Yes, I believe so!). This is a dolman sleeve, crop-top, open front cardigan with a lace and cable pattern on the back. It is very airy but when the front is left open (second image), the back doesn't leave for much shaping as it hangs away from the body, instead of clinging to it. Nonetheless, it is a very graceful and cute cardigan, great for throwing over your shoulders on the slightly chilly days. Accompany this piece with a clasp or your favorite shawl pin! If you are interested in this test knit, sign up here.