Finding Confidence in New Techniques

This week has been a rush since Wednesday. I have found myself with two new deadlines (that are not self-imposed!), three collaboration opportunities and new design submissions. And on top of that, a test knit and another secret project for a secret collection. ;-)

I've been really pushing myself in my designs as of late, trying new techniques that I've been wary of before. This week, I learnt how to knit fair-isle flat, which is a huge deal for me because I'm still rather uncomfortable knitting fair isle in the round! But now that I've been knitting swatches for design submissions that involve fair isle, I've become more confident in this technique. And now knowing that I can do this opens up so many design possibilities!

Another technique I think I have mastered, or at least am more at ease with is the mattress stitch. The mattress stitch is used for seaming up garments, a technique that may knitters fear to use (I don't blame them, it is rather scary!). However, I found a small adjustment in the type of selvage stitch helps me a lot in keeping the stitches in line and stay in the same column. I was able to seam up the Whakemārie top in less than 30 minutes! 

Now what technique should I tackle next...?