Let's Chat!: When Did You Fall in Love With Knitting?

The Let's Chat series is a thread on my Ravelry forum where a new conversation topic related to knitting is posted every week. Participants in the threads are entered into a monthly giveaway where they can win either one of my patterns, yarn in my stash or receive a surprise package filled with goodies from Japan!

Let's go back in time this week and talk about what got you really, truly in love with knitting. Not particularly when you first started knitting, but when you really fell in love with it and found yourself addicted to it! I think everyone here has pretty much reached that point of knit addict?

I remember first learning how to knit when I was 12 or 13. It was for a church activity for the young girls and this week a lady came in to teach use how to knit a garter stitch scarf. I was a craft-sy person so the idea of knitting was intriguing to me, but I did not have the patience to finish more than five inches of this scarf, so I put it away and promptly forgot everything I had learnt in that one hour lesson! 

The moment when I fell in love with knitting was when I picked it up in January 2014. I was extremely bored (I was living at home and working part-time while my then fiance was living in Japan as I was applying for my US citizenship) so I decided I would learn how to knit as part of my New Year's Resolution. My first attempts back in the craft were awkward and not pretty. However after finishing my first project, a simple stockinette cowl, I immediately cast-on for my next project (which were several headbands). This cowl was the first thing I had ever completed. I liked to draw or sketch but I never saw a drawing to completion. Just seeing things fly off the needles sparked the fire that you see today. 

I find myself falling in love with knitting everyday, as I'm always learning new things - whether it is a new technique, trying new yarn or making new friends in the knitting community!

How about you? Share your knit love story in the Ravelry group here!