Birthday Yarn Shipment, Part 2

My yarn order of Julie Asselin's Gradient yarn set came in over the weekend (merci Mont-Tricot!), but I could only get around to taking photos of it today. The majority of the weekend was spent away from home: on Saturday, my husband and I met up with a fellow knitter and Ravelry user halfawake, a lovely woman living about two hours from the main city. It was absolutely amazing meeting her and getting to know her, and it was a lot of fun walking through the clothing stops deconstructing knit sweaters, and eating lots of delicious food. On Sunday, my husband had to get up early to go to a Junior Judo tournament. He is one of the assistant coaches and this was his kids' first tournament. I also tagged along and spent the entire time swatching and gauging knits. 

I still haven't started the actual knitting of the linen top, but I can expect to begin this week, finally! I've been swatching so much for other secret designs that I've been preparing to send in to knitting publications. My submission to amirisu was rejected, but I was surprisingly not torn up about it (I do admit that my design wasn't that exciting and I honestly wasn't looking forward to knitting it again). But I am definitely putting more thought into my submissions for these other publications as I'm still serious about my goal of getting at least one of my designs in a knitwear magazine this year.

Anyways, to the yarn! This is Julie Asselin's Leizu Fingering Nuances set. Its soft and bouncy and I love the heather color ways. I took so many photos of this lovely yarn, and its going to be transformed into a crescent shawl. I've already got a design idea lined up for it. A simple design because I don't want to take away from this wonderful and beautiful gradient set.

Once again, I took my husband's camera and snapped a million photos of the yarn, along with a bouquet he bought for me for my birthday.