Yarn Cakes and Tea Episode 6: The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze

Written review is below!


The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze is run by, you guessed it, Rhichard Devrieze. His love for yarn runs through his blood, as his grandfather was a fibre artist in The Netherlands. I was introduced to Rhichard's work when I was working on a design for the holiday Yarnbox package, Textural Symphony, however, I won't be reviewing the yarn I used for that in this episode (ok, here's the quick run down: it's amazingly bouncy, lovely to knit with, soft and warm, but use the variegated colorways for simpler stitches to really let the yarn shine!). 

Today I will instead be reviewing some yarn that he sent to me as a present: his fingering-weight line, Peppino. This gift really demonstrates one of his brand's three values right off the bat: affability (friendliness). He gave me this yarn because he learned that I love working with fingering weight yarn and generously offering me some to play with (and I certainly did!). 


Peppino is a fingering, 100% Merino yarn with 225 yards / 65 grams per skein. The color-way that he sent me is wonderfully named "Visions of Paradise", a stippled color-way set on a grey-ish background with many specks of bright colors. Truly a delight to behold.

I knit up both a guage swatch and an upcoming design in this yarn. Peppino isn't the softest nor the most elastic yarn I've worked with, but it works quickly on metal needles. Sometimes a bit too quickly and paired up with my tighter gauge, the stitches would slide off the needle and unravel themselves down a few rows (but that's not a fault of the yarn, but of my own knitting abilities, so if you're a fast knitter be sure that your needle gets in the stitch correctly!). 

However, the colorway was really wonderful to look at and seeing how all the different colors would come together to create a cohesive piece was a delight. The yarn is 2ply and has a great twist, so it pairs up nicely with textured stitches, and the stippled color-way also adds to making the simpler stitches shine. I would avoid using complicated and busy lace and cable patterns with the variegated and stippled colorways as the yarn and stitches would muddle together, but there are some lovely semi-solid bases in Peppino if you are the type for intricate stitches.


The stockinette swatch didn't reveal anything more than the colorway is really freaking cool. I really loved how the stitch bloomed open when I was blocking my shawl design that used this yarn. I kept the stitch pattern relatively simple choosing a scale like patterning and with this particular stippled color-way, made the shawl look like snake skin (resulting in picking a name for the design rather quickly!).

Sneak peaky.

Sneak peaky.


If you love working with eccentric color-ways over intricate stitches, leaving the yarn to make a bold statement, Rhichard Devrieze's large selection of variegated and stippled yarns will be sure to please you greatly. I certainly enjoyed working outside my comfort zone in regards to the design I made for this yarn. It's not my usual style, but it's certainly fun!

Rhicard Devrieze's yarn can be found in many LYS across the United States and is more affordable than most hand-dyed yarn brands I know! With the holiday season coming up, I certainly think this would knit up into a very nice gift for a loved one (or yourself!).

I have one skein of Peppino's Vision of Paradise leftover, so I'm going to do a giveaway for this post! To enter, just follow the instructions in the Raffle-copter below! Contest ends November 30th.