Two New FREE Mini E-Courses!

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Today I'm dropping two new FREE mini e-courses!

The first: Mastering Your iPhone Camera for Instagram. This e-course is part one of two. 

This one focuses on basic photography techniques and lessons that you can use for your iPhone camera in order to take attention worthy photos for Instagram - you don’t need expensive cameras in order to take great photos! But why would you want to learn this? 

Great photos = more followings. 

Instagram is a highly visual medium (duh!) and people are very drawn to either high profile names,  such as celebrities, or attractive feeds. This is especially important if you are just starting out in your business and don’t have a name for yourself. Designers like Ysolda, Bristol Ivy, Stephen West and Joji Locatelli can get away with posting whatever they want on their IG because people already know them! The force of their name alone is going to attract followers like flies.

Well, about the rest of us? Think of Instagram as not only a mini-blog but also a portfolio. You will want to present the only best and leave a strong and lasting impression on both your current followers and people who are not following you yet. And one way to do that is by taking great photos! 

And the reason why I’m focusing this class on mastering the iPhone camera is because of its portability and the fact that the camera, IG and editing apps are all located on the same device. The iPhone camera is actually pretty great for these types of daily-life shots while also providing a sense of professionalism and style (although I do not recommend using your iPhone for your actual pattern shots! You need much greater detailing that the iPhone doesn’t have).

So that’s part one: photography 101. And your homework: practice using your iPhone (Android users are welcome too). Take time to set up your shots. Be conscious of how you place your subjects. Feel free to report back to me by tagging @arohaknits in your photos so I can check it out!

Part two will be focusing on the branding aspect: what DO I take photos of for my IG account? How can I increase engagement on my feed? And I’ll give you a tip on how to increase the rate of new followers without having to spend a single penny.

If you have any questions about the e-course, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email! I would be more than happy to give you some more tips and tricks.

And the second free mini e-course: Intro to Stitch Mastery. If you are an aspiring designer, I cannot more highly recommend investing in a good chart editing program. There are many on the market, but Stitch Mastery is one of the most well known and best programs.

Not only does it allow you to chart out stitch patterns of any complexity, it can also generate written instructions in the correct format, and also work the math for charts that involve many increases and decreases. No more having to figure out if the lace pattern you are trying to fit into a triangular shawl is going to work out in the end, this program does all of that for you! Less fidgety math, more time for knitting your design! Export the chart and written instructions into your pattern and you’ve got quite a bit done and out of your way!

I love this program so much that I’m basically doing free advertising for it with no affiliate money going back to me if you end up buying it. It’s just that amazing.