Entrelacement Shawl

This shawl was a custom design order for a Christmas present (how thoughtful!). While I used my usual shawl construction in this design, I focused on incorporating cables instead of the usual lace. 

The border is comprised of three sets of cable patterns. On each edge is a plaid cable, made so they run in opposite directions of each other. This frames the main cable pattern, four cable lines weaving in and out of each other. Stitches are picked up from one side of the border and the main body is knit in stockinette. Before binding off, a fews rows of garter stitch is knit to prevent curling and to add some texture. Shawl was then blocked and weaves tucked in. 

The client wanted a shawl that would be both beautiful and warm. I was originally just going to knit the Bellflower shawl with thicker yarn, but later opted on designing something new and with cables, since cables pack more warmth than lace does. I also used fine merino wool, the finer the yarn, the warmer it is, especially paired up with the right sized needles. This ensures the shawl to trap and retain heat better.

The pattern is now available for purchase on-site or on Raverly.