My First Knitting Class

Last Friday I had my first knitting class! The students were a group of four older women from the village. The lesson was at the village community center, about 15 minutes away from our house. While the population of Ubuyama village is small, the actual size of the village is not!

The ladies seemed quite excited to knit projects together. Two of them had previous knitting experience, while two of them had never knit before. There was a lot of chatting, lots of "Sensei, is this correct?" and lots of tea and coffee drinking. Roston and I also received a bag of vegetables as a thank you! Yum!

For the first lesson, I taught them how to cast on, the knit stitch and how to bind off. They are going to be knitting their first scarves! The lesson will be showing them how to add the tassels to ends and learning how to knit in the round for their seed stitch cowls. Exciting!