I'm a Master dyer!

WHO is the Master dyer?

The Master Dyer is a special type of magic-maker in the fibre industry, and possess a magic that I could only dream of! I am so in awe and in everlasting gratitude towards all the indie yarn dyers in the fiber community. You spend countless hours mastering your craft of dying yarn, to delight the knitting community with squishy goodness and beautiful color. Take it to the next level with a design that makes your hard work shine with Aroha Knits!

At Aroha Knits, we are extremely passionate about working with small, local, indie brands in the fibre industry. We believe that we all have a story to share that will inspire, motivate and enrich others and that what we create is for the betterment of the community. Whether you have been dyeing yarn for years or are just starting out, we don't care. What we are looking for are brands just as passionate about making a positive impact as much as we are!

Aroha Knits has a total combined social media following and email subscribers (Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry) of 25k+ (with numbers growing rapidly each month), so you can be assured that your work will be reaching a large amount of eager Fibre Muses who are yearning for the next magical skein of yarn to be added to their stash.

When you commission Aroha Knits, I transform your yarn into a design that reflects its best qualities, to delight and inspire our audiences.

Let's Work Together

Want a design that highlights the best features of your yarn while also getting into front of my audience of Fibre Muses? Hire me to design a pattern created exclusively with your yarn! Click the button below to view the packages I have to offer to work together. Then, fill out the application form below to send in your request. Once received, you will receive an email from me in 24-48 hours with my availability! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at hello@arohaknits.com.


Frabjous Fibers -
Simply Familiar

Frida Fuchs Yarns -
Mizu Shawlette

Circus Tonic Handmade -
Aio Shawl

Hill Country Weavers
- Keep Austin Warm

 The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze
- Nakahi Shawl

Artyarns -
Ode to Autumn

Moeke Yarns
- Whaakata Shawl

Circus Tonic Handmade
- Then Comes Spring

Amelia Putri
- Chrysanthemum Shawl

Gregoria Fibers
- Fields of Lavender Shawl


Haute Knit Yarn
- Atiru Shawl


Infinite Twist
- Patiki Set