FIbre muse Discovery QUIZ

All Aroha Knits offerings are designed with the best interests of the Fiber Muse in mind. 

Who is the Fiber Muse? What do they believe in? And more importantly, are you one, and what type of Fiber Muse are you?

Thoughtful, soulful and adventurous in spirit, the Fiber Muse seeks knitting as a form of expressing themselves creatively, to help and serve others, a method of self-care, and a path to creating a deeper connection with the world around them.

There are four types of Fibre Muses: the Dreamer, the Seeker, the Giver, and the Mystic. All these Fibre Muses share the same qualities as each other, but each one manifests their special type of magic more strongly than the others. Which one are you?

Single Pattern portfolio

My knitwear designs focus on amplifying one of the four aspects of making: self-care, self-expression, self-discovery or selflessness, with my personal touch of integrating my Maori cultural heritage into the stitches. From textures beanies to lacey shawls to cabled cardigans, you’ll find a project that suits your needs.

You can find my patterns on...

Fibre Muse Quarterly

The Fibre Muse Quarterly is...

  • a collection of stories, as told through words, images and designs that seek the answer to the question “Why do we knit?” and the impact knitting has on our lives.

  • a movement: knitting is not just a hobby, it’s a movement to bring more joy, healing, creativity and connection into our lives… one stitch at a time.

  • a catalyst for transformation: we are transmogrifying knitwear into experiences that bless and uplift us and others.

  • a belief that our craft and work is valuable and can make a difference.