A 5 Day mKAL + photo challenge

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About the Challenge

Let us manifest the power and magic of the Giver Fibre Muse this upcoming holiday season with a special mKAL + photo challenge. Over the course of 5 days, we will come together as a community to create for someone knit-worthy.

As I believe that intentional creation leads to transformational impact, we will also dive deep into the Giver Fibre Muse. Who is she? Why does she knit? What effect does her work and art have on herself, those around her and the community at large? As we knit, we will reflect upon questions like these and infuse these answers into our creations.

This challenge is for you if yoU WANT...

  • ... a quick, stash-buster holiday knit to gift to someone knit-worthy

  • ... to learn how your knitting can make meaningful change in your life + the lives of others

  • ... to harness the power of the Giver Fibre Muse so you can create with intention for transformational impact

  • ... to be a part of community + movement of powerful + magical makers where we believe that knitting has power + impact.

The challenge runs from November 20th to November 24th.


Challenge Format

This 5-day event is a combination of an mKAL + photo challenge. Each day of the challenge, you will receive a prompt to reflect over and share as well as a part of the pattern (except for Friday, which you can use to catch-up or finish the project).

Monday: Prompt + Pattern Part #1
Tuesday: Prompt + Pattern Part #2
Wednesday: Prompt + Pattern Part #3
Thursday: Prompt + Pattern Final Part
Friday: Prompt #5


How much is it to join this challenge?
It’s free!

5 days to complete the project? Is that possible?
Yes, it is! I specifically designed this pattern to be a quick and relatively simple knit (there is a unique design element to this design that makes it SHINE!). This pattern was also tested by a group of knitters who finished it within five days. You will get part of the pattern every other day.

What materials will I need?
When you sign up, you will get a welcome email with all of the information that you will need for the challenge.

How will the pattern/prompts be delivered?
Everything will be sent to you via email. Once the pattern is complete, the final version will be uploaded to Ravelry and gifted to all participants with a unique code.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS! Can I have a few hints about the mystery pattern?
It features very simple stitches: ribbing, stockinette, eyelet lace, and single decreases. It also utilizes beads - however if you’ve never knit with beads before, don’t be alarmed! This was my first project with beads and I found it rather straightforward to do! (And the pattern will include a tutorial on beading stitches).

I'm not a Giver Fibre Muse. Can I still participate?
Of course you may! This challenge is for everyone who wants to make an impact with their knitting through the Giver Fibre Muse.

Where do I post?
There will be individual threads in the Fibre Muse Circle Facebook Group and the Aroha Knits Challenge group. I also encourage you to post your WIPs and FOs to Instagram, as this mKAL is also a photo challenge!

What happens after the challenge ends?
The Fibre Muse Quarterly Giver issue drops November 24th, the last day of the challenge. I will be hosting a 6-week event KAL in the Aroha Knits Never Ending KAL group so we can continue the magic and fun there!

Note: single patterns from the issue won’t be available straight-away. They will be released every couple of weeks through December and January.


Kia Ora! My name is Francoise, but feel free to call me Frenchie.

I’m a knitwear designer who curates words, images, and patterns to connect us more deeply to the story of why we create, for the knitter seeking to transmogrify knitting into experiences and moments that bless and uplift themselves and others.

I’m passionate about creating meaningful and fulfilling work and serving as a catalyst for transformative impact. I’m on a mission to start a movement. I believe that our art and work as knitters can make a difference. Knitting is not just a hobby, but a form of art. It is a powerful medium of bringing more joy, healing, creativity, and connection into our lives… one stitch at a time.

Knitting is magical and powerful. And I’m here to show you how your passion for knitting can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.


Are you ready to manifest the magic and power
of the Giver Fibre Muse?