Forming Shawls and Their Charts

Demystify Shawl Construction, Expand Your Creativity

The Magic of Shawls

Shawls are one of the most popular types of designs and patterns in the knitting community. Versatile in shape, design elements and style, the possibilities for creating a stunning shawl design are endless. 

And you want to explore all those options.

However, you've probably found yourself thinking along these lines when you've tried to sit down and work it out.

"Shawl construction is so confusing!"

"I don't know how to chart out a shawl, or work a stitch pattern into it!"

"Figuring out the math is a long and annoying process. How can I calculate the stitches, rows and repeats quickly?"

I'm sure there have been moments where you've really wanted to knit or design your own shawl but the whole process is just so overwhelming and confusing, you immediately throw your hands up and walk away. I've been in the same boat too.


my story

I've been designing for over three years now and if you take a look at my portfolio on Ravelry, you'll quickly notice that shawl design is where my magic lies. I LOVE designing shawls and I've gotten pretty efficient at it too - especially on knowing how to quickly construct the charts and make everything flow together nicely.

But it wasn't always that way.

The idea behind this book came in a spark of inspiration. In my earlier days of my knitwear design career, I struggled a LOT with shawl construction. I’m a very visual person, and one that is horrible at math, so seeing so many numbers on the page made my head spin. I had a hard time visualizing how the increases would line up with each other or how the shawl would grow dependent on the placement of those increases. Sometimes it would get so overwhelming, or nothing would make sense (I swear that I thought my chart editor would be laughing at me sometimes), that I would throw my hands up in the air and declare, "That's it! I fail as a designer! I should quit right now because obviously I'm not smart enough to figure this out". 

Thankfully, I didn't.

It was through a lot of trial and error, tears and frustration that I demystified shawl construction and design. I started to see the patterns in how the increases or decreases would work together to form shapes. I learned what to look out for when charting up stitch patterns in a shawl shape. Over time, I was able to create a small collection of shawl charts for future use. If I wanted to knit up a square shawl in the round, I could pop open the appropriate chart and plug in my stitch pattern. I spent less time banging my head up against the wall and more time plugging in the stitches that would best represent my visions and casting on my new shawl (Fun fact: I designed, calculated and charted up the Nakahi Shawl in less than 15 minutes!).

Then I thought, what if I made a reference book of these shawl charts and math shortcuts for other knitters to enjoy? Give them the confidence to start designing their own shawls? That’s exciting!

Thus, this e-book was born. After weeks of hard work, sweat and tears, I have finally realized one of my passion projects. May it help you realize one of yours, too.

Demystify Shawl Construction

If you enjoyed the 5 Shawls, 5 Days challenge,
then this e-book is for you! 

With 15 shawl shapes to explore and discover, you'll find the possibilities for shawl design endless. You'll be learning how to create your canvas, construct it in different ways and then how to paint your stitches onto it.

The first edition includes 10 shawl shapes knit flat and 5 knit in the round, which have been test-knit and edited, to make sure that the instructions are as crystal clear as possible (and error-free)!

Written instructions are provided to demonstrate the bare-bones construction of the shawl, with the charted instructions to demonstrate where the increases are laid out, and how they affect the chart flow and set-up. So when you're working on your shawl charts you know exactly how to write it out!

That's not all! This e-book also includes tips and tricks for shawl design: 

  • how to calculate stitch and row counts quickly 
  • how to adjust the garter tab cast-on numbers
  • how to substitute increases
  • how to even out yarn-overs

And the most exciting lesson: how to chart a stitch pattern into a shawl shape so you can efficiently and fearlessly plug in the stitches you want to use in your design and make it WORK the way you envisioned it.

Video tutorials are provided for some of the techniques outlined in the book, so you can dive into shawl knitting fearlessly!

Stop letting fear and self-doubt hold you back from transforming your yarn into shawls of your own creation. Let this one-of-a-kind guide on shawl construction and design serve as your spell-book for creating magic.

What Magic-Makers Have to Say

"Purchased without one second’s hesitation and it’s a lovely e-book. I’m reading it like a novel. Just well written and edited in every way. I am a writer, although rather risque romance, rather than patterns, and I am a tough sell for little errors in writing. I can’t edit my own stuff, but I can tell when a book needs more attention. This book is just wonderful. I am thrilled with my purchase."


"As a new-ish designer who has become recently obsessed with shawls, this ebook is amazing. It provides the basics and more, and makes it so easy to adapt the structure to various design elements. Thanks so much for doing this! You are such an inspirational designer…"

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