You've taken the Fibre Muse Discovery Test and unveiled which Fibre Muse is calling out to you. So what's next? What do you do with this knowledge of your Fibre Muse? How can we start creating more intentionally for a transformational impact with our new found knowledge of ourselves?

Introducing the Fibre Muse Initiation Workshop.

Based off of the Fibre Muse Challenge series that ran this past year, in this 5-day DIY workshop you will take a personal journey within yourselves as you learn more about your Fibre Muse. You will reflect upon how to incorporate her magic into your craft while working on a fun hat pattern designed for that particular muse.



This workshop was created as a part of the Fibre Muse Framework. This new framework is a follow-up to the Transformational Impact Model in which I present the four Fibre Muses: the Dreamer, the Seeker, the Giver and the Mystic. Each Muse represents a reason why we knit and has a purpose for their knitting. This allows them to be more intentional in their creation so they can have a greater impact on themselves and in the world. But I found that it was quite a leap for many to start thinking in this manner. Thus the Fibre Muse Framework was born.

The Fibre Muse Framework highlights the transformational journey to go from: “I’m just a knitter,” to “I’m a knitter with a purpose.” In other words, how to more intentionally manifest one's primary Fibre Muse in their life.

The Initiation Workshop takes this framework and makes it actionable in an easy and fun way. Through worksheets that focus on the mindset and understanding aspects and a corresponding pattern that emphasize the action taking and evolution, you'll be transforming your inner and outer worlds at the same time.


At the end of the Mystic Challenge when you had us write our purpose statement, it surprised me what came out of that. I finally had a lightbulb moment that I no longer want to sell physical product anymore, because my true passion is for designing. Designing patterns is where I got my start, and I’ve somehow moved away from that over the years. But with the recent diagnosis of my daughter having autism means that my time is more focused on her, and therefore my free time must be more intentional. If I’m not truly loving what I’m doing anymore (selling product), then why am I doing it?

After finally making the decision to transition my brand to design only, I have felt a huge weight lifted off me, and my creativity is exploding. I have so many design ideas that I can’t keep up! I’m also thrilled to be pursuing the new purpose for my brand: “creativity and comfort through handmade.” I not only want to inspire others to create beautiful things, but I also want to help others explore craft as a form of grieving, coping, and therapy. I don’t know how all this will look in the future yet, but I’m so glad I have been going through the Fiber Muse challenges!
— Jenny Galusha-Luna


Below you will chose your Primary Fibre Muse which will take you to a link to sign up for that workshop. The workshop is offered on a "Pay What You Want" basis - if you want to take the workshop for free, then do so! But if you also want to leave a $5 or $10 tip to show your appreciation, we would be eternally grateful!

Once you sign up for the workshop, you will get immediate access to all 5 Days of the program, along with the accompanying hat pattern. You can start the workshop whenever you want and take as long as you'd like to get through it. This is the no-pressure version of the Quarterly Fibre Muse challenges, which, while are good for accountability and getting motivation and encouragement from a supportive group, can be sometimes stressful and the timing isn't always right. So this version of the challenge, reformatted into a workshop, is available as an option for you.

Once you have completed the initiation, then you can return here to begin the initiation for another Fibre Muse. In fact, I recommend doing so, as you will be better well-rounded and gain a deeper understanding for each Fibre Muse.




Kia Ora! My name is Francoise, but feel free to call me Frenchie.

On the surface, I create and sell knitwear designs.

But what I really do is empowerment for you to invoke a transformational energy in your life and the lives of others. I provide you a way to experience more joy, healing, connection and creativity one stitch at a time.

Through well-written patterns, stunning imagery and thoughtful words that explore the intersection of knitting with self-care, selflessness, self-discovery and/or self-expression, I empower knitters so they can elevate their knitting into experiences and moments that impact themselves and others.