CREATE THE foundation for your first design in 5 days

Enrollment is closed. If you’re interested in designing your own knitwear, you can download my 6-Step Framework to Designing, Writing and Launching patterns here.


Transform your knitting experience.

Have you been feeling that creative itch to try your own hand at creating your own knitwear designs but don’t know how to get started?

Or you’ve attempted to design a pattern before but found the process overwhelming and confusing?

What if you could transform your yarn according to your creative vision and inner magic with ease and clarity?


If you’ve ever wanted to design knitwear, join me August 5th as I will be running an updated and revamped version of my popular challenge: Initiate Knit Design, where you will learn how to transform your yarn into designs of your own creation.

This workshop is NOT about creating the perfect design on the first try. It is about guiding you through the process of knitwear design so that when inspiration hits you, you know exactly what to do and do it with CONFIDENCE + CREATIVITY. 

Over the course of 5 days, you will work on creating the foundation of a design by putting together a proposal that articulates the vision and story behind your design.

Workshop Breakdown:
How you're going to transform your yarn in 5 days.

Lessons Sent straight to your inbox

Over the course of 5 days you will receive an email from me, detailing the lesson and assignment that you will be working on for the day.

Daily Live-Streams in the Facebook group

Upon signing up for the workshop you will receive a special invitation to the Yarn Alchemist Facebook Group. Join me + other Fibre Muses every day as I go over the lesson and assignment as well as answer your Q&As.

An Engaging and Encouraging Community

One of the best parts of this workshop is the community that comes with it. Find encouragement and support other Fibre Muses as they transform their yarn alongside you. We are a community that values collaboration and positivity over competition.


1. What is the focus of the challenge? Are we going to design a garment or something?

We will be creating a design proposal for a cowl pattern, based on the moodboards that I will be providing. Why? To keep things focused and to prevent overwhelm, but most importantly, the challenge is about learning the PROCESS, rather than how to design a specific thing.

2. Is math involved in this?

Math is involved in the pattern creation process, but in this challenge, there is little to NO math. This is a huge difference from the previous version of the Initiate Knit Design, where math and pattern writing was involved. 

Why? While there are going to be some design guidelines for people to follow to keep things focused, I don’t want the people’s fears around math and pattern writing hold them back from designing a pattern that really excites them. There will be a follow up free masterclass that outlines the next steps AFTER the challenge, but for now, no math, no pattern writing. This is about pure creation and design. What if you let yourself just go for it?

3. What is the goal of the challenge?

At the end of the five days, our goal is to have created a design proposal. This may seem really simple and “Wait, really?”, but design proposals are so much more important than you may realize. They serve as the entire foundation of the design - it makes the next steps SO much easier to follow because you essentially have a map in your hands. Also, it’s great practice for magazine submissions ;-) Think of it as the blueprint for your design.

4. Do you have to be an expert to join?

This challenge is for aspiring/beginning knitwear designers. If you’re an expert at beginning something, sure, you can join.

5. Is this for just for knitting?

I can only knit, so my focus is on knitwear design. However aspiring crochet designers are welcome to join too as the process isn’t knit specific.

6. I’ve done this challenge before/I’ve designed patterns before can I still join?

Yes! Especially since it has been revamped/updated and reduced to 5 days from the original 10, you might find something new here. Also, it’s a great way to kickstart a new design project. 

7. How much time do I need to spend on the challenge?

In the original challenge, I required about an hour a day over the course of 10 days. I wanted to reduce the amount of time needed, so I cut it down to 5 days.

Apart from one of the steps where you will get two days to work on it, the other steps only really need between 30-60 minutes. Set a timer and only work for that amount of time!

8. What comes next?

After the 5-day challenge, you will receive a special invitation to my free masterclass, the “The 6-Step Framework to Correctly Designing, Writing and Marketing Professional and Profitable Patterns” where I go over the exact same signature framework that I teach in my program, the SWATCH Studio Circle.

The SWATCH Studio Circle is THE place to be if you want training and resources on how to correctly create professional designs that sell and launch your career as a knitwear designer.

There you’ll get the personalized coaching and guidance based on what YOU want to REALLY design, that I won’t be able to give as much during the challenge.

9. Anything else?

The purpose of this challenge isn’t for you to create the first/next design that you will be releasing out in the world. Of course you can focus on designing something that you DO want to see all the way to the end, but that isn’t the goal of this challenge.

I’m not looking for “[Insert Country Here]’s next Top Knitwear Designer”. This isn’t a competition where the “best win”. This is a community and collaborative-based challenge where this is a space for YOU to experiment, learn and grow.

It is about learning the process and understanding how each piece feeds into the next one.

Learn the process and AFTER the challenge, APPLY it to the design that is in your heart. 

Trust the process.

10. How much is the challenge? Can I join after the challenge starts? (Ok that’s questions 10 and 11, but I feel itchy having 11 questions).

It costs $0.00! And unfortunately, once the challenge starts, the doors to enrollment are closed. But don’t worry, if you missed the doors to the challenge, I’ll have another gift for you.

Love from Past Participants

This challenge actually showed me that I can be creative. I was previously under the impression that I could only ever be a pattern-follower and could never write my own design. As I went through this challenge though, it showed me that I totally can design and gave me the confidence to put myself out there and get publishing! I am about to publish my 5th pattern today
— Christy Furlan


Kia Ora! My name is Francoise, but feel free to call me Frenchie.

I am a Yarn Alchemist: I transform yarn into knitwear designs with an emphasis on self-care, self-discovery, selflessness and self-expression in order to create a more enriching and engaging experience between you, your yarn and your needles.

My mission is to evolve and grow, and right now, the way I do that is by helping my Fibre Muses, like you, dive deep into themselves to find their creativity and magic. 

As someone who has been designing patterns for almost three years now and have created a successful brand and career out of it, I've also taught others how to become Yarn Alchemists themselves and set them on the path to developing their own knitwear design brands. I like to consider myself a Catalyst rather than a teacher, as I ignite the spark of creativity and transformation, encouraging and empowering you to take the next steps needed to go forward without fear.