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Aumangea Pullover
Pattern Support

Carrying Yarns

Picking Up Stitches

Seaming Up the Sides

Three Needle Bind Off

Adjusting the Sleeves

Sleeve size and length not working out? To adjust it, you need your stitch and row gauge over 1" and a measuring tape.

Sleeve size

Measure your upper-arm and wrist. Multiply these measurements by the stitch gauge to get the number of stitches you need to pick up (upper-arm) and how many you need to end up with (wrist).

Sleeve Length

Measure the length of your arm, from about one inch away from the wrist to the inside of your armpit. Multiply that number by the row gauge.

Plug the numbers into this calcuator. It will tell you when you work the decreases for the sleeve tapering. Work the sleeve cap as instructed in the pattern, then use your new calculations for working the sleeves.