Episode 18: Interview with Megan of Making Things

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This week the Making Things platform launched. In case you haven’t heard (which I’m certainly sure you have by now), Making Things is a brand new platform that follows a Netflix-style subscription service. For a fee a month, users get access to ALL the patterns on the platform.

Making Things launched less than 48 hours ago and already it’s a HUGE disruptor in the industry. It’s causing conversations and surprisingly, one topic that popped up among KNITTERS (not just designers), was about designer compensation.

I sat down with Megan, the founder of the platform (with a special cameo from Claire, one of the team members) to talk about why she created Making Things, her goals and support for designers, how the subscription-share model works to compensate designers, and answering some FAQ from you.

The goal of this episode is to inform, educate and empower you to decide whether or not Making Things could be a valid platform for you to add as an income stream.

At the end of the year or the beginning of next year, I’ll be returning back to talking about Making Things as I’ll have some hard data and numbers to share that will hopefully inform you further!

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