Who is the seeker?

"Don't fence me in".

This Fiber Muse seeks a deeper relationship with her craft: learning about the story behind the design, its origins, its history, its significance. She's very eco-friendly, and loves the fresh air of nature, so the slow, sustainable manner of knitting has always been right at home with her. She understands that knitting is an ancient craft, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Dabbling in the "old ways,” or the DIY culture, adds a sense of purpose and meaningful connectedness to this world—past, present, and future. It’s almost a sacred duty to preserve this craft, and all cultural customs and stories associated with it. She loves learning about other cultures, and how they have contributed to fiber arts. It gives her a special sense of connectedness to know the roots of a yarn, a design, or a pattern. It makes her happy to support indie artists who value sustainability, their roots, their culture, and the preservation of that culture. Indie brands have a special feel to them, which makes her feel special.

This primary sense of yearning of wanting to explore the world is what makes her unique of the other two types of Fibre Muses, the Dreamer and the Mystic. While all the Fibre Muses share aspects of each type, this drive to connect and explore the world through knitting most strongly resonates in the Seeker. 


Mini ChallengeS

  • Read up on the origins of your favorite yarn brand, and trace it's path from sheep to you!
  • Challenge yourself to knit up a pattern that incorporates a design from a different region of the world.

The Seeker Desktop Wallpapers

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This pattern collection has been curated especially for the Seeker. The color work designs take inspiration from traditional Maori taniko motifs, each with their own special meanings, and the shawl designs are inspired by places around the world. Be transported and travel to new places as you knit these patterns.

You can purchase this 6 Seeker Pattern Bundle for $15 by just clicking here.