Who is the Dreamer?

"If it can be imagined, it can be created".

This Fibre Muse uses knitting to express herself. She feels limited by the options presented by commercial manufacturers, and is not a fan of fast-fashion. So, by knitting, she can not only choose the color of her project, but also the texture, and the stitch types. She loves engaging and meditative projects, where the finished result looks much more complicated than it is, in actuality. She is able to choose a project that is more "her", not just in the selection process, but in the fact that she had a hand in the transformation, which is immensely satisfying. She made it unique and special to her, as well as to the world. Her time, effort, mistakes, and story (blood, sweat and tears) are what makes the project one-of-a-kind, not just the yarn choice. The story that she associates with it—her reflections, meditations and experiences—is what inspires her. Being able to fill her world with color and texture, when it is often grey and dull, and finding the time to create something beautiful truly fills her soul with delight and happiness. 

This primary sense of self-expression, to make a bold statement to those around her of, "This is who I am!", and diving deep into the world of color, texture and fiber is what makes her unique from her sister Muses, the Seeker and the Mystic. While all the Fibre Muses share aspects of each type, this drive for self-expression and telling stories through her knitting most strongly resonates in the Dreamer.