Who is the Mystic?

"Don't just do it, be about it".

This Fibre Muse uses knitting as a form of self-care—getting away from the noise of the world, and using that "me" time to soothe, quieten, heal, reflect and ponder.  Knitting is a form of ritual for her: it creates a pause in the busyness of her life, an intentional moment to sit down (even if it's in front of Netflix with a glass of wine in hand!) and enter a new world where it's just her, her thoughts, and her knitting. If she gets pulled out of it before she's ready, she's known to get a little grumpy. In a world where she does not have a lot of control, or quiet time to herself, knitting provides that small sanctuary where she can step back from the noise and the rush, and enjoy being in the moment. As she works each stitch, another worry, pain, and stress is lifted; and a story is woven in. Those special moments are often where she spends a lot of time reflecting and pondering about the world around her, and what's going on inside her, while epiphanies and breakthroughs arise.

This primary sense of searching for a paradise, to escape and meditate, is what makes the Mystic unique from her sister Muses, the Seeker and the Dreamer. While all Fibre Muses share aspects of each type, this drive for creating a simpler, peaceful and enlightened life through knitting most strongly resonates in the Mystic.


Mini ChallengeS

  • Do research on the symbolism of crystals and gems and see which of their metaphysical properties can tie into knitting.

  • Keep a journal on hand next to you as you knit, use that time to meditate or ponder on any daily struggles or experiences, and write down any thoughts or breakthroughs that come to mind.


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This pattern collection has been curated especially for the Mystic. Airy lace, repetitive stitch patterns, and simple constructions and shapes make for a relaxing and meditative knit, with etherial results.

You can purchase this 6 Mystic Pattern Bundle for $15 by just clicking here.