The hands-on, digital course for aspiring designers
who want to transform their yarn into publish-worthy patterns
manifested from their own creativity and imagination.

Dear magic-maker,


I see you there… dreaming up designs in your head, trying to find ways to express your ideas and inspirations onto paper, struggling to figure out where to start and where to go on creating your own knitwear designs. How long have you been wanting to transform your yarn into creations of your OWN design

You look at knitwear design brands like Melanie Berg, Joji Locatelli, Justyna Lorkowska, Alicia Plummer and wonder, how did they get to the point they’re at? How are they able to create beautiful designs so effortlessly?

Whether its to start a new hobby or start a knitwear design brand, you want to create your own designs because taking two sticks and string, and transforming it into a unique hand-knit piece gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose. But you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused and filled with self-doubt. 

“Will anyone want my patterns?”
“Am I creative enough to even think about pursuing knitwear design?”
“I don’t even know how to write a pattern!”
“What if I make a mistake and make someone upset?”
“Where do I even start?”
"I just don't have the time to sit down and think this all through!"

I totally understand these internal conflicts that you’re feeling, because I went through them too!

In the beginning, my design process was sloppy and slow. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the next step and it would take MONTHS before a pattern would see the light of day. I delayed pattern releases because I was so AFRAID that my pattern wasn’t good enough.

It goes without saying that I made lots of mistakes. But I learned from them, improved my work and developed a streamlined process that allows me to not only efficiently publish patterns monthly, but also build up my confidence as a designer as I discovered that I CAN create my own patterns that knitters love.





Swatch Studio is more than just an online course: sure it hits the sweet spot between a clear, linear structure to demystify the knitwear design process and build up your confidence, while allowing for flexibility and adjustments (because, let’s be honest, creativity is pretty tough to pack in a nice little box wrapped in a red bow), but more importantly, as I've found out after running this course for over two years now, it's a catalyst for massive transformations.

Over the course of 6, easy-to-watch Modules, you'll experience:

  • Clarity around how to take that spark of inspiration and turn it into a publish-worthy design.
  • Confidence: no more hiding in fear of that publish-button, you'll be hitting it with gusto for a knitting community ready to adore it with open arms (and eager needles).
  • A warm and fuzzy feeling of a "job well done" within yourself when you take your newest creation off of the blocking mats that YOU made from YOUR own creativity and imagination.
  • Seeing your "I-would-have-never-in-a-thousand-years!" dreams become a reality.
  • Love for a new passion arise - it's not just going to be a hobby anymore.

You’ll be equipped with education, implementation and accountability, the three keys you need to make sure you see your pattern from start to published and marketed.

Let's ignite your magic together!

Francoise, Aka frenchie

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This is where all the magic happens. I teach you MY framework for knitwear design so you can understand the process easily and quickly.

MODULE #1: Spark

Learn how to take what's in that creative mind of yours and get it onto paper, kickstarting the process of transformation. 


From picking the perfect yarn for your design, why it's so important to swatch, why math doesn't have to be scary and how to layout your charts, confidently set up the foundation for your design. This is where many aspiring designers give up and get lost in the frustrations - but not you! Learn the best practices and how to navigate this part of the process without feeling overwhelm.


What information does a pattern need? How should it all be laid out? How to ensure that everything is up to standard? I'll teach you how to write and layout your pattern so that it's well-written, easy-to-follow and contains all the information that a knitter would need (and make them want to come back for more!).



To take attractive photos of your design, you don't need a fancy camera. Here, I'll be sharing basic photography, composition and editing concepts so that you can start taking better photos without having to buy expensive cameras.


Learn the difference between a tech editor and test knitter, and why you should enlist the services of both. I'll also teach you how and where to set up test knits effectively so that you can ensure the quality of your pattern.


There is so much that goes behind the scenes before a pattern goes live onto Ravelry. Here, I'll be teaching you how to effectively craft your pattern page, how to plan out your promotional campaign, teach you my secrets to building an Instagram following, finding your courage and confidence, and setting up your pattern and brand for success.



Because there is more to knitwear design than knitwear design, you'll get a new monthly class to enhance your experience! The best part about this module is that I will create videos for this section depending on YOUR need. So that's new content being created for you EACH month to help you on your journey to becoming a pro knitwear designer!

Valued at $197/month


What's a class without classmates and the teacher? The Slack Group is a supportive, encouraging community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and find support from your fellow members. But one of the most important things about this group is the weekly group coaching.That's right, each week you get to ask me your questions directly and face-to-face! 

Valued at $397/month

So to recap, that's 15 videos in 6 modules, MONTHLY MASTERCLASSES,
worksheets + resources, an exclusive SLACK Group,
weekly GROUP COACHING CALLS, and free content upgrades!



Kia ora, I'm Frenchie!

I help aspiring knitwear designers take their ideas and manifest it into reality. I'm a knitwear designer myself, plus design coach, who has taught hundreds of up-and-coming knitwear designers how to confidently create publish-worthy patterns and kick-start their career as a designer.

With over four years experience in the industry plus running a six-figure fiber business full-time, I know the ins-and-outs of the industry, plus what's needed to build a successful design career.

A sampling of the Stunning designs created by students of swatch studio


Pyrus Shawl
Aline Skeinwalker


Coulourful Geometry
Petra Machová Kouřilová


What's New PussyCat
Jem Arrowsmith


Glacier Ice Shawl
Klara Zhulamanova


Eureka Shawl
Katalin Beth


Half-Elf Ranger Scarf
Karen Mofett


Mr. Wednesday
Christy Furlan


Jess Lablache


Attexo Gauntlets
Babs Rudlin


Chief's Cupcake
Vibeke Hauge

The Ocean Floor
by Katrina J Smith




Before enrolling into SWATCH Studio, I was struggling with my confidence to work on multiple designs.

So I decided to join SWATCH Studio to grow my knowledge of actually producing a professional pattern and for the community of like minded designers.

I was most excited to see my designs come to life but I was nervous about talking to new people who would be far more talented or skilled than I.

I was most impressed by how clearly everything was laid out in the Swatch Studio website and that all the modules were ready to go right away.

Frenchie’s honesty and enthusiasm for the yarn world.  She encourages everyone and inspires confidence to go out and produce something real.

I'm so happy it's off the charts!  I have met a wonderfully supportive network of designers, who all have something different to offer from their own experiences and the different stages of their business growth.

Frenchie is Abundant, Sagacious, Valuable.  I'm being a know all here with me fancy, long adjectives ;)

Babs Rudlin, A Fiery Phoenix


Fun, educational, supportive are the three words I would use to describe Frenchie.

I didn't think I was creative enough to be a knitwear designer but I had a urge to try it. I participated in the 5 Shawls 5 Days Challenge and then the Initiate Knit Design Challenge and, from those, knew that I could count on Frenchie's course to be very valuable. During my first IKD, I proved to myself that I was, in fact, creative enough to be a designer so I decided to take the plunge!

I love having procedures for things, so I was really excited about learning the steps in the process and focusing on each one and I love the quality of the course and my lifetime access to it.

Frenchie is smart, sweet, giving, and, above all, I can tell she really cares about each of us and want us all to succeed in this field. 

So excited! I'm really pushing to hit my goal of publishing 10 designs this year. I was most nervous about actually publishing a design in real life but now I've got 6 done so far, 1 in the test knit stage, and 2 more planned out. Getting there!

Christy Furlan, Yarning for Whimsy


At the beginning, I didn't know anything at all about the process of knitwear design - I sort of thought that all knitwear designers were professionals with qualifications and didn't really think about the idea that normal people could design and release knitting patterns!

Then I completed the Initiate Knit Design course and discovered that it was my passion. I wanted to learn everything I could about creating knitwear patterns so that I could try and make a career out of doing something I really love - knitting!

At first, I was worried about the cost of the course - that I might have put in a bit too much money for something that wouldn't lead anywhere. Of course, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the course and would have spent five times the amount now that I know.

The depth of the training and the fact that every single step was covered in complete detail - absolutely nothing was missing from the process of releasing a knitting pattern.

The love and dedication Frenchie has for her students! Oh and she really wants us to succeed and is so proud when we do. She’s an amazing teacher. Also the fact that she isn’t scared of being real with us - she has her ups and downs just like we do and it's so refreshing to know that even a seasoned, successful designer feels the way we do.

Knitwear design is my career goal now - I will do anything to make this my full time job.

Jess Lablache, ESTREET KNITS


I had a fear that I couldn't create anything good. I signed up for SWATCH Studio because I loved initiate knit design challenge and your live videos on fb. 

I was nervous about publishing my first pattern: I thought that people wouldn't buy my pattern or would find a lot of mistakes, or wouldn't like it.  

I discovered that I can create something even if I have no ideas.

I hope to make a career as a knitwear designer 😊 Love so much what I do and that I can express myself in designing and share it with other people.

Klara Zhulamanova, Klara's Creations


I found the Initiate Knit Design Challenge so immensely helpful, and that's just a tiny portion of the training available in SWATCH Studio. It's a major plus that enrolling means I have lifetime access to the modules, and she's adding new content all the time! It's also a huge bonus to be part of a community of fellow knitwear designers.

I'm a lifelong learner, so I'm always interested in opportunities to hone my skills. There's always room for improvement!

I was most nervous about how well my designs would be received. I still find it nerve-wracking to hit the publish button, but I'm getting better all the time!

Frenchie’s ability to explain things and break them down into clear, actionable steps is amazing. It does wonders for alleviating the overwhelm of being a new designer.

Her generosity and enthusiasm are awesome! She gives to her tribe without reservation; it's what I most want to model my own budding community after.

I've released three patterns so far, and have a few more already in development. Each time I feel a little more confident, and I know I will continue to improve.

Karen Moffett, Sleepy Dragon Workshop


I was overwhelmed about figuring out the whole process; what were all the steps that had to be taken and how to work through them. 

I have decided to give designing a shot as a new year resolution. I was in the (very slow) process of working on my first design when I saw the course. It looked like exactly the thing I needed to help me get all the way through to publishing. 

I liked working with other people who were in the same boat. 

I was nervous that I would invest money in a course and never sell enough patterns to cover the costs. (My first pattern covered the costs 😊)

The course gives you all the logical steps to follow, so you can actually focus on designing and Frenchie is always there in the group to help us with any questions we might have. 

I love it and wish to have a career in knitwear design. 

Petra Machová Kouřilová, Pipa Yarns


I was struggling with mainly how to establish myself as a designer. I have so many ideas and designs I want to make but on top of that it was everything else: the branding, how to build a following and finding a community of other designers that were on the same journey.

So I signed up for SWATCH Studio to learn more about knitting design and how to take my passion to the next level and as well to learn, be inspired and connect with like-minded people.

I thought the video's and the format of the 'books' was excellent. It meant I could take my time and work at my own pace. It's also great to be able to log back in anytime and refresh on particular areas. I love how you covered not only the designing aspect but also how to build a community. Putting myself out there is the scary part for me but with the help of your videos I now have an e-mail list in place and the beginnings of a Facebook group! 

Also, I found the Cerries Mooney archetypal branding exercise invaluable - I learnt so much about myself from that. It helped identify my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the confidence to start building a brand for myself.

She makes everything so clear and inspire me to 'just do it'. I am a bit of a perfectionist and tend to hold off doing things until they are just right - but I'm learning to just jump in! I also like the fact that she is very responsive to queries in the FB Group. I'm not a frequent poster but I find this group really helpful and friendly - it's a great community to be part of.

I'm excited about moving forward as a knitwear designer! My next project is going to be a garment (my first!) featuring the cats on my kitty shawl. I'm thinking of running an interactive design-along on Instagram and asking people to help me decide on certain design elements.

Jen Arrowsmith


There is so much to learn and so far away from actually designing, knitting the design, and selling the design. There's social media, collaborations, setting up internal business processes. It really overwhelming. 

I like Frenchie's style and enthusiasm. I've looked at several different companies that either counsel for fiberarts or tell you how to get systems in place. Frenchie does it all in her one-stop shop. She's always adding new content that comes with your original fee to join - there is no smarmy selling as you finish a section. Just straight up commitment from Frenchie helping me when I have a question/problem and there are a host of other knitters in the group that suggest helpful hints also. 

I can also get to Frenchie at most anytime if I need her. She is super responsive. 

None, of the other courses I looked at, not one, is as good as SWATCH Studio

Frenchie's ability to be herself no matter the situation. She is not putting on at all. And the lessons built on each other in a logical way. 

A story:  I have been knitting for 29 years this year. Back in BR (before ravelry), knitting was a grand adventure of buying a pattern and taking a leap of faith that it would all work out. And one couldn't "talk" to the designer. The LYS who sold you the pattern and yarn was my lifeline for getting the pattern knitted up. Many of the LYS's looked down their noses at me and it wasn't a pleasant experience. So I wrote lots of patterns for for gifts for certain people when I couldn't find anything like I was envisioning. But I didn't put them together to sale so other people could knit them. 

While I have a great deal of knitting knowledge, I have no experience of bringing my pattern to market and having someone purchase it.  Frenchie makes it look fun - even the ups and downs. If someone comes up with a question that Frenchie doesn't know the answer then she goes and finds it. 

This is not a class you get lost in because there's so many people in it and Frenchie has Live Q&A sessions and answers anything.

I'm still scared. But I'm going to have 3 items out pretty much at the same time so I can have a freebie for the newsletter sign ups and other patterns for buyers.

She’s super fun. Educational - not overbearing. Accepting others' work in a kind and respectful way. 

Rheba Smith, Rhebaatl


I struggled with getting started, not daring to go for it and waiting for too long because I'm a perfectionist (now I'm a recovering perfectionist ;-).

I loved both the 5-shawls 5-days challenge and the Initiate Knit Design challenge.  I loved them because these challenges were packed with content AND the pace was high so that you could actually achieve something in very little time. I work almost full time so I have very little time anyway. Participating in the challenges meant that in 5 days I could get accustomed with shawl construction and, in the case of the Initiate Knit Design challenge, kick-start a design and end-up with a draft. Because the challenges were so good and useful, and Frenchie's tips and help was so useful, I decided to enroll in Swatch Studio. That's how my design journey started. Looking back: I've been designing for a year and that's a move I'm really happy with. I'm glad I enrolled in Swatch Studio and took the plunge to design.

I was really excited by the idea of putting my designs out there, things I made from scratch all by myself and offer those to the knitting community.

I was nervous about how things would go from a business perspective. I knew I loved knitting, but would other knitters find my work worth it? Would it work out? Would it be worth my time and effort or should I just knit for myself, for the fun of it? Was I going to kill my newly-found hobby (knitting) with trying to make a business out of it?

With the help of the Swatch Studio lessons and live streams, I managed to park these questions and doubts and just go for it. Looking back, I'm glad I did!

The design part of the equation went rather smoothly, more than I thought in the first place. I started small with not too complex designs so that I could concentrate on other parts of designing, like pattern writing and producing charts and so on. After a couple of patterns, I had devised a pattern writing-style, preliminary style-sheet and pattern template that I liked and that I could use as a basis for my future patterns. And from there, I've been gradually increasing the complexity of my designs because I feel confident I can tackle more complex shaping and more experimental constructions.

What really opened my eyes and what really impressed me was the way Frenchie showed us how to be active on social media and in newsletters and how to build "our tribe". I always really really hated marketing and networking and all those kinds of "look I'm here; buy my stuff"-kind-of-things... And of course, I knew that these things (if done well!) are crucial to build a sustainable business and that's why I hated them even more! However, with all the insights of Frenchie, her expertise and tips both in the Swatch Studio lessons and in the live streams, I managed to find a way to be authentic and still present my designs to the knitting public on Ravelry and social media in a way that feels good to me. And you know what: I even enjoy it because talking to a like-minded audience makes all the difference. If you would have told me, say, 1.5 years ago that I would enjoy a form of marketing, I would have dropped dead laughing on the floor (no, really! I mean it :-).

What I love about working with Frenchie is that she is available to help you out along the way. It's not like: you buy the course and she disappears. No, she is really here to help. Frenchie has a non-nonsense approach that I really like. She helps, gives tips the best she can and provides insights about the way she does things design- or business-wise. I think that "sharing" is a keyword here. Frenchie shares all of her knowledge with us and I feel that all this behind-the-scenes information helps me making better choices design- or business-wise. That's invaluable.

I love the fact that we can join the Swatch Studio Facebook group and ask questions in there. We can share experiences in the group as budding designers. And I love the live streams because we can ask questions about what we currently struggle with or what we are trying out in our designs at that very moment.

Moving forward as a designer… It feels really good. Late August was my very first designer anniversary. Looking back at what I did in a year was kind of amazing. A year ago around that time I was posting photos of mini-shawls during my vacation (for my second round of the 5-shawls 5-days challenge). That was kind of funny to rediscover those pictures! I did not really realize how much I learned until I looked back. Seeing how much distance I had covered from the very first tentative steps until now, I'm really happy with the way it went. And I have a lot of ideas for future designs so I'll just go ahead! There will always be some moments of doubts and possibly struggle but that should not stop me as a designer. I feel I can do this.

Skeinwalker, Skeinwalker Knits


I was really struggling with being a “one-trick pony”. I had been designing knit/felted items for several years and felt safe there, but knew I could do more. I just didn’t. 

I got to a point at the beginning of 2017 where I knew I could expand and do more. The Initiate Knit Design Challenge came along at the right time for me. All of a sudden, I knew I could do it and did with the encouragement of Frenchie.

I knew after doing the challenge that I wanted to take her design class, because I thought more intensive work could help me become the designer I longed to be. The fast action bonus and payment plan helped me make up my mind.

I knew I couldn’t pay for it all up front, but flexibility that the payment plan provided allowed me to be the first new student to sign up last spring.

One thing I was excited about was the fast action bonus of a one-to-one coaching call with Frenchie. It was nice to be able to talk to her in person, as it makes here more than a face on the internet. We talked about my designs that I already had, designs that I would have and other topics that made it more of a social call such as our pets.

The other thing I was excited about was the chance to bring my vision into existence.  Her guidance through the ins and outs of not just the design process, but the rest of the process of getting a pattern released such as tech editing, test knitting and marketing.

I was nervous about what came after the actual designing part. I have lots of ideas, but getting it out there where it can be seen and enjoyed by others. She helps you get past that by helping you to get past your fears, because she’s been there and still has doubts about her own designs. 

She is infinitely qualified to help you make it through the minefield of self doubt and criticism, because she has already created a path through the minefield for you. She guides you, but doesn’t drag you kicking and screaming through that minefield (even though you might wish she would).  She is eternally your cheerleader and makes you feel as though you could do anything you set your mind to accomplish.

I was impressed by her knowledge and ability to talk to all levels of knitter. I’m quite sure we had many relatively new knitters attempting the challenge, but she encouraged everyone to put forth their best efforts.

The fact that she is relatively new to knitting was a profound inspiration to me and I know many others. It also means a lot that she is very involved in her groups both the Fiber Muse Circle and Swatch Studio. She provides immense value to all of her members, paid and unpaid.

One of the best things about working with Frenchie is the access to someone who has made a success out of her design career.  She is always willing to help answer a question or take a few minutes to shoot you a response to a thorny issue you may be dealing with in a design.

For me, I was unsure of which pictures to use as I didn’t have a model. I had gone to the beach and just took a bunch of pictures with my shawl in various positions on railings, deck, and fencing. She took the time to do a mini-training video and sent it to me. It helped me narrow down which pictures were the winners in the bunch.

She didn’t have to take the time, but she did. It might not seem like much to some people, but it meant the world to me.

I’m feeling confident that I have taken the correct path. I won’t forget about knit/felted design, but now I know that I can do more and will. I may return to the knit/felted niche now and again, but I won’t hide out there, complacent and safe in my hidey hole. 

I now realize that I have much more to offer the design world. I can offer my unique view of design to a larger audience, felted or not. There is room enough for all designers to make their mark, including me!

Paula King, KraziKnitz Designs

I decided to sign up for Swatch Studio because although I'd been designing on my own, I felt overwhelmed by it all. I love knitting and often designed my own garments, but had patchy knowledge on how to make the leap from that, to a polished and professional outcome. I entered the Initiate Knit Design challenge,  found my mojo again and decided to commit to learning more.  I really felt supported by the content of the course as well as the FB community.  Having a system to refer to, all the resources in one place, plus the dynamic and supportive group was what I needed to restart my dream of being a professional knitwear designer. In a little more than a year I've created 8 knitwear designs, and have met and collaborated with many other Creatives.  This course was integral in realizing my goals and I thoroughly recommend it- learning from Frenchie who's a generous person and committed, dedicated knitwear designer was like having a mentor on hand.

Having all the resources at the click of a button.  I like the independent pace of the course where one can go flat out or pull back when other commitments come your way. 

The course didn't make me nervous at all.  Knowing that she had run her own knitwear design course successfully really nailed it for me.  She proved her worth!!

I love my independence so being able to learn at my own pace was a huge plus for me, AND I also was impressed with her Live streams for Q and A to help us during the course plus AFTERWARDS.  That's really very awesome.

She has such a fine sense of integrity, she really cares that this course helps to achieve my goals, she’s always positivie and helpful.

I still use Swatch Studio after a year of signing up- it's a great resource.

Katalin Beth, Katalin Beth Designs

At first, I did not have the courage to even thinking of designing. I need a sure source or reference and support in learning and have the courage to start designing soon in the near future

I asked myself: Will the result be as good as I hope for and are worth paying for and will I be able to put down all the ideas I have in my head?

I was impressed that everything was done in a professional way in spite of her young age.

Frenchie is fun, professional and yet educative and the course is refreshingly educative, manageable and professionally handled.

Ivone, DragonCraft

I wanted to know more after twice having participated in the Initiate Knit Design. I was struggling with how to write the knitting pattern. I'm still working on finding my style so I continue to use all the informations from the SWATCH Studio. It has become my 'How to' guide/reference.

I love the amount of resources available both from the SWATCH Studio Tutorials, Frenchie and the other group members, the help and positive support that Frenchie provides to everybody and all the new resources that you continue to provide in the SWATCH Studio, access to the other members of SWATCH Studio

I'm happy being a hobby 'Indie Designer' No stress, just pure pleasure.  

Vibeke, CosyCraft

I struggled with how to take ideas and put them to paper/wool. A lot of times I would think “there a million hat/shawl/scarf/cowl/blanket (etc...)” patterns out there and my design won’t be different. I also wasn’t sure what tools would be the best to use to start and I have a tendency to want to set myself up with all the tools before starting things. 

I was excited to figure out how to do proper construction using math. Somehow whenever I made an attempt at design before the challenge/Swatch Studio course, I would struggle with the math. 

I was impressed by how easily my ideas could become a reality. 

Frenchie is enthusiastic, clear, and great at encouraging people. She is so incredibly helpful and it always feels delightful and sincere whenever I message her or ask a question.  She is really engaged and communicative. 

I feel inspired and capable. 

Jennie Byron



  • Be struck by inspiration and knowing exactly what to do on how to bring it to life
  • Feel confident (and excited!) about your pattern that you'll be publishing for the community to enjoy

  • Have so much pride and excitement when your pattern hits Ravelry's Hot Right Now page

  • Experience a thrill of excitement when you see your first pattern sale go through

  • Get blown away with appreciation, gratitude and happiness when you see your pattern knit up by another's hands.

  • Catch the attention of magazines, yarn makers and other influencers in the industry for collaborations

  • Establish your brand by creating a community of knitters who LOVE your designs and can't wait until the next release

  • Be part of a encouraging and empowering community of creatives!

  • Instill a sense of fulfillment, purpose and confidence in yourself

stop dreaming and wishing; start taking action to make your dream a reality!





Fast action bonuses

For the first 100 enrollments into SWATCH Studio Monthly Membership (either monthly or yearly), you will get immediate access to these courses as a bonus. 

  • Bonus Class: Connection Catalyst: a 4-video workshop on how to build your newsletter and FB group so you can start attracting a tribe that follows and loves YOU (valued at $197).

  • Bonus Class: Deconstructing Knitwear Construction: A video series where I go in-depth on the math, construction and layout of common accessories and garments. Learn what measurements you'll need for cowls, hats, mitts, raglan, set-in sleeve, drop-down, and dolman garments, how to grade for different sizes, so when you want to design these types of patterns, you know exactly what information is needed (valued at $197).

For the next 100 enrollments into SWATCH Studio Monthly Membership (either monthly or yearly), you will get immediate access to Deconstructing Knitwear Construction as a bonus class.

Be one of the first 15 to enroll into the yearly membership and you will get a FREE gift of the Fibre Muse Alchemy Kit (valued at $79). 





  • Immediate access to the SWATCH Studio Framework (valued at $597)
  • Private SLACK group (valued at $97/month)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls (valued at $397/month)
  • Monthly Masterclasses (valued at $197/month)
  • Forming Shawls and Their Charts Ebook (valued at $25)
  • Priority Access to Yarn Alchemist Apprenticeship Spots
  • 3-month commitment before cancelation





  • Immediate access to the SWATCH Studio Framework (valued at $597)
  • Private SLACK group (valued at $97/month)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls (valued at $397/month)
  • Monthly Masterclasses (valued at $197/month)
  • Priority Access to Yarn Alchemist Apprenticeship Spots
  • Forming Shawls and Their Charts Ebook (valued at $25)
  • Bonus Gift: Pre-made Pattern Templates (valued at $47)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is the course self-paced and can I access it anytime?

Yes and yes! You can determine your own schedule. The course can help you manage your time for designing around your busy routines!

+ Who is this course for?

For any beginner designers, but knitters who have been designing for a while who want a confidence boost and really improve the quality of their work are welcome!

+ Can you offer refunds?

For the monthly membership, I cannot. If you purchased the yearly membership, I can refund you for the months remaining for the year.

+ Can I pay using Paypal?

Yes! You can chose to pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

+ What is SLACK?

Slack is a mobile/desktop app that facilitates communication among large groups of users. I've been using it to manage my team, test knits and other groups I'm in, and now I've decided to open a SLACK group for SWATCH Studio students. It creates a much more intimate setting than FB does and it allows for better access to me and community support!