Gain Confidence and Creativity
Create Publish-Worthy Patterns

The online course and community for aspiring designers who want to transform their yarn into publish-worthy patterns manifested from their own creativity and imagination.

Are you feeling stuck, unsure, scared or overwhelmed by the knitwear design process?

I see you there, friend!

You’re dreaming up designs in your head, trying to find ways to express your ideas and inspirations onto paper, struggling to figure out where to start and where to go on creating your own knitwear designs. How long have you been wanting to transform your yarn into creations of your OWN design?

You look at knitwear design brands like Melanie Berg, Joji Locatelli, Justyna Lorkowska, Alicia Plummer and wonder, how did they get to the point they’re at? How are they able to create beautiful designs so effortlessly?

Whether it’s to start a new hobby or start a knitwear design brand, you want to create your own designs because taking two sticks and string, and transforming it into a unique hand-knit piece gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

But you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused and filled with self-doubt.

“Will anyone want my patterns?”

“Am I creative enough to even think about pursuing knitwear design?”

“I don’t even know how to write a pattern!”

“What if I make a mistake and make someone upset?”

“Where do I even start?”

"I just don't have the time to sit down and think this all through!"

I totally understand these internal conflicts that you’re feeling, because I went through them too!

In the beginning, my design process was sloppy and slow.

I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the next step and it would take MONTHS before a pattern would see the light of day. I delayed pattern releases because I was so AFRAID that my pattern wasn’t good enough.

It goes without saying that I made lots of mistakes. But I learned from them, improved my work and developed a streamlined process that allows me to not only efficiently publish patterns monthly, but also build up my confidence as a designer as I discovered that I CAN create my own patterns that knitters love.


The Swatch Studio Circle is more than just an online course: sure, it hits the sweet spot between a clear, linear structure to demystify the knitwear design process and build up your confidence, while allowing for flexibility and adjustments (because, let’s be honest, creativity is pretty tough to pack in a nice little box wrapped in a red bow), but more importantly, as I've found out after running this course for over two years now, it's a catalyst for massive transformations.



Gain clarity around how to take that spark of inspiration and turn it into a publish-worthy design.


Build confidence: no more hiding in fear of that publish-button, you'll be hitting it with gusto for a knitting community ready to adore it with open arms (and eager needles).


Start getting PAID for your creativity and hard work. Your work has value and its time to share it with the community!


See your "I-would-have-never-in-a-thousand-years!" dreams become a reality.


Feel love for a new passion arise - it's not just going to be a hobby anymore.


Receive the support and encouragement from a community that believes in you and wants to see you succeed


SWATCH Studio Circle is the place to be for the education, resources and support you need to make sure you see your pattern from start to published and marketed.


I created SWATCH Studio Circle because I saw so many aspiring knitwear designers struggle with overcoming their fears and feeling so overwhelmed by the process. And many jump into knitwear design without understanding what is needed to create a publish-worthy pattern, and thus our industry is filled with too many designs that are not up to standard.

I’m going to teach you exactly how to ensure your pattern is publish-worthy so you can start telling your stories through knitwear design with clarity and confidence.


Here’s What Your Membership Includes:



Full Access to the SWATCH Framework


All Current + Future Monthly Masterclasses


Monthly Live Calls with Specialists


Private Slack Group


Special Bonuses + Surprises

With SWATCH Studio Circle, you’ll finally know what to do, how to do it, and you’ll start seeing real results. Your membership gives you access to relevant and up-to-date education through online trainings, regularly created resources, and a community of creatives who will support you along the way.



I’m Francoise, aka Frenchie! A Franco-Maori American-Australian living in Osaka, Japan with my husband and pet cat, Beemo. I help aspiring knitwear designers take their ideas and manifest it into reality. I'm a knitwear designer myself, plus design coach, who has taught hundreds of up-and-coming knitwear designers how to confidently create publish-worthy patterns and kick-start their career as a designer.

With over four years experience in the industry plus running a six-figure fiber business full-time, I know the ins-and-outs of the industry, plus what's needed to build a successful design career.

When You Join the SWATCH Studio Circle,
you’ll get immediate access to…


Full Access to the SWATCH Framework

My step-by-step system for creating publish-worthy patterns with confidence. You’ll get immediate access to all six modules of the framework when you join today.


All Current + Future Monthly Masterclasses

NEW! There is SO much to knitwear design that falls outside the SWATCH framework, which is why I am implementing monthly masterclasses. We'll cover topics like goal-setting, using Stitch Mastery, discovering revenue streams, building an email list, how to submit to magazines and get yarn support, etc.


Private ONLINE Group

This is where the magic happens! The private group is the perfect place to connect with one another and myself and the other specialists, ask questions, get answers, and discover the motivation you need to keep going.


Monthly Live calls with specialists

NEW! This one I am SO excited for. In the past I’ve done weekly office hours with students to answer their questions, but I never felt like it was intentional enough on my part. And like for the masterclasses, there is SO much to knitwear design that I can’t cover it all in one class, nor can I do it alone. That's why I created the Speciality Bars. So when you sign up for SWATCH Studio Circle you not only get me as your coach and guide, but also industry experts, aka Specialists, that I’ve brought in to help me serve you better! Each week there will be one or two calls with SWATCH Studio Specialists. And don't worry they're recorded so you can listen to them over-and-over again.

MEET YOUR specialists!

Knitwear Design Bar
Specialist: Frenchie

These calls will be held twice a month. Ask your general knitwear design questions during these calls! Stuck on a chart? Stumped between two stitch patterns? Unsure where to find test knitters? This is the place to ask!


Social Media Bar
Specialist: Frenchie

With a combined social media following of over 35k+, I’ve got a few secrets and tips and tricks up my sleeve that I am more than happy to share with you. Want to learn how to grow your IG following? Not sure what to use IGTV for? What’s the difference between an FB group and page? Ask those questions here!


Manifestation Bar
Specialist: Frenchie

Marketing and promoting yourself is a HUGE topic that I would have to create another class for just to talk about the basics. However, I don’t want to leave you hanging, so if you want guidance on launching your next pattern, how to build your email list, setting your goals for the next quarter, I’ll answer those here.


Initiate Knit Design-9.png

Copy + Pattern Writing Bar
Specialist: Brownyn Hahn

Writing is a topic that many of us struggle with, myself included. That’s why I’m invited Brownyn, tech-editor, and copywriter for Brownyn the Brave to answer your questions related to copy and pattern writing. With her x-ray vision, nothing passes her eye Have a pattern romance that you need to be looked over? Not sure how to word instructions for short-rows? Brownyn is your huckleberry.

Initiate Knit Design-10.png

Systems + Tech Bar
Specialist: Sarah Deventier

Time and project management is a roadblock that many knitwear designers face, especially when juggling family and work life. Sarah has been working behind-the-scenes of Aroha Knits for several years as virtual assistant and knows all there is to know about how to run a business smoothly through using Systems. Have questions on how to track your time? Need some training on how to set up Asana for project management? Come here to learn how to get your business flowing smoothly!

Initiate Knit Design-8.png

Confidence Bar
Specialist: Roston

The SWATCH Framework covers the "how-to" aspect of knitwear design. However, I’ve discovered that mindset plays a HUGE role in what holds many of us back. So I’ve invited my partner to help you navigate the inner feelings you experience and sort them out in a healthy manner. As a team leader and manager working for one of the largest companies in the world, he has been professionally trained to build confidence and leadership skills in others. As someone who has supported me in my endeavors for growing my business, he understands what it’s like to be in the supporting role. If you’re struggling with confidence, fear, doubt, dealing with an unsupportive partner, he’ll help you through!


Special Bonuses + Surprises

I love spoiling you all, so you’ll find extra bonus courses, materials and other membership only goodies here!


But, don’t take my word for it...


Before enrolling into SWATCH Studio, I was struggling with my confidence to work on multiple designs.

So I decided to join SWATCH Studio to grow my knowledge of actually producing a professional pattern and for the community of like minded designers.

I have met a wonderfully supportive network of designers, who all have something different to offer from their own experiences and the different stages of their business growth.
At the beginning, I didn’t know anything at all about the process of knitwear design - I sort of thought that all knitwear designers were professionals with qualifications and didn’t really think about the idea that normal people could design and release knitting patterns!

Then I completed the Initiate Knit Design course and discovered that it was my passion. I wanted to learn everything I could about creating knitwear patterns so that I could try and make a career out of doing something I really love - knitting!

The depth of the training and the fact that every single step was covered in complete detail - absolutely nothing was missing from the process of releasing a knitting pattern.

Knitwear design is my career goal now - I will do anything to make this my full time job.
I have decided to give designing a shot as a new year resolution. I was in the (very slow) process of working on my first design when I saw the course. It looked like exactly the thing I needed to help me get all the way through to publishing.

The course gives you all the logical steps to follow, so you can actually focus on designing and Frenchie is always there in the group to help us with any questions we might have.

I love it and wish to have a career in knitwear design.
Late August was my very first designer anniversary. Looking back at what I did in a year was kind of amazing. A year ago around that time I was posting photos of mini-shawls during my vacation (for my second round of the 5-shawls 5-days challenge). That was kind of funny to rediscover those pictures! I did not really realize how much I learned until I looked back. Seeing how much distance I had covered from the very first tentative steps until now, I’m really happy with the way it went. And I have a lot of ideas for future designs so I’ll just go ahead! There will always be some moments of doubts and possibly struggle but that should not stop me as a designer. I feel I can do this.
I like Frenchie’s style and enthusiasm. I’ve looked at several different companies that either counsel for fiberarts or tell you how to get systems in place. Frenchie does it all in her one-stop shop. Just straight up commitment from Frenchie helping me when I have a question/problem and there are a host of other knitters in the group that suggest helpful hints also.

None, of the other courses I looked at, not one, is as good as SWATCH Studio
I was excited about was the chance to bring my vision into existence. Her guidance through the ins and outs of not just the design process, but the rest of the process of getting a pattern released such as tech editing, test knitting and marketing.

I now realize that I have much more to offer the design world. I can offer my unique view of design to a larger audience, felted or not. There is room enough for all designers to make their mark, including me!


Is this a course, training, mastermind or a membership?

It's a bit of everything! Like I said, this is a one-of-a-kind program in the fiber industry. You get immediate access to the course through the SWATCH Framework, monthly trainings with me and your speciality coaches, a mastermind as you are in a group with like-minded people and a membership as it is an on-going subscription.

This sounds good and all, but what’s the curriculum?

You can get a full overview of what the SWATCH Framework entails by watching the Introduction Video to the course for free.

The last thing right now is to sign up for a course, I don’t have the time for it. Do I need this?

To be quite truthful, you don't need this course. In fact, no ones does. It is entirely 100% possible to figure this stuff out on your own. But what this course provides is education, resources and the support - a sure pathway with a community that's got your back every step of the way, including trainings that I wish I got when I was first starting out. In fact, this course will save you time because I'm laying out my entire step-by-step process for you to follow, so you can spend more time in the areas that matter and less time scratching your head. Plus, with the monthly masterclasses and live speciality calls, you don't have to waste time looking for resources or figuring out what the next steps are because we'll have provided it for you. And if you're stuck and need a quick response and are thinking, "Who can help me with this?", turning to our exclusive group is the best place to go! 

I don’t want to pay a monthly fee - any other alternatives?

If you don't want to pay month-to-month, you can enroll for the yearly option and save two month's worth on the subscription!

What's the difference between this and Patreon?

The main difference between a membership site and Patreon is this: who is being supported? On Patreon, you pledge a monthly amount to support your favorite creators and help them keep their business running. You get rewards in return, but it's mostly as a thank you.

A membership like this is to support and serve you. Here, you are essentially paying and hiring me to help you achieve your goals.

Additionally, I don't teach knitwear design through Patreon. That is purely for the pattern creation side of my business.

A community of aspiring knitwear designers sounds great and all, but how will we be able to create something unique and stand out when everyone is trying to do the same thing?

Just like there are hundreds (and even thousands) of similar businesses out in the world already, there is space in the industry for YOU. What you're going to learn in the SWATCH Studio Circle is that it's not the aesthetic of the design that makes it unique, it's the story. The story that you chose to tell through your work is what will make you stand out. Additionally, everyone has their own interests. Cables, lace, shawls, socks, hats... the possibilities for design are endless. 

Here we believe in community over competition and inspire all members to be supportive and encouraging.

Where can I find your refund policy?

You can find it right here!



Make your first sale with your pattern -- and watching more sales roll in shortly after.

Get your pattern on Ravelry's Hot Right Now page. (Imagine THAT feeling of pride!)

See other people knit with your pattern, and soak up the love and appreciation of yarn-smiths from all over the world.

Catch the attention of magazines, yarn makers and other influencers in the industry for collaborations

Establish your brand by creating a community of knitters who LOVE your designs and can't wait until the next release

Be struck by inspiration and knowing exactly what to do on how to bring it to life

Feel confident (and excited!) about your pattern that you'll be publishing for the community to enjoy

Be part of an encouraging and empowering community of creatives!

Instill a sense of fulfillment, purpose and confidence in yourself







  • Immediate access to the SWATCH Studio Framework

  • Private SLACK group

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Initiate Knit Design Intensive

  • Quarterly Pattern Writing Parties

  • The Ultimate Beginner Knitwear Designer’s Bundle (+6 free Yarnpond test knit credits and pre-made schematics).




  • Immediate access to the SWATCH Studio Framework

  • Private SLACK group

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Initiate Knit Design Intensive

  • Quarterly Pattern Writing Parties

  • The Ultimate Beginner Knitwear Designer’s Bundle (+ 12 free Yarnpond test knit credits, Stitchmastery License and pre-made schematics).

  • Payment Plan Available