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Dear magic-maker,


I see you there… dreaming up designs in your head, trying to find ways to express your ideas and inspirations onto paper, struggling to figure out where to start and where to go on creating your own knitwear designs. How long have you been wanting to transform your yarn into creations of your OWN design? 

You look at knitwear design brands like Melanie Berg, Joji Locatelli, Justyna Lorkowska, Alicia Plummer and wonder, how did they get to the point they’re at? How are they able to create beautiful designs so effortlessly?

Whether its to start a new hobby or start a knitwear design brand, you want to create your own designs because taking two sticks and string, and transforming it into a unique hand-knit piece gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose. But you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused and filled with self-doubt. 

“Will anyone want my patterns?”
“Am I creative enough to even think about pursuing knitwear design?”
“I don’t even know how to write a pattern!”
“What if I make a mistake and make someone upset?”
“Where do I even start?”
"I just don't have the time to sit down and think this all through!"

I totally understand these internal conflicts that you’re feeling, because I went through them too!

In the beginning, my design process was sloppy and slow. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the next step and it would take MONTHS before a pattern would see the light of day. I delayed pattern releases because I was so AFRAID that my pattern wasn’t good enough.

It goes without saying that I made lots of mistakes. But I learned from them, improved my work and developed a streamlined process that allows me to not only efficiently publish patterns monthly, but also build up my confidence as a designer as I discovered that I CAN create my own patterns that knitters love.

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Swatch Studio is more than just an online course. It not only hits the sweet spot between a clear, linear structure to demystify the knitwear design process and build up your confidence, while allowing for flexibility and adjustments (because, let’s be honest, creativity is pretty tough to pack in a nice little box wrapped in a red bow); it’s also a community with direct accountability and direct access to me personally.

You’ll be equipped with education, implementation and accountability, the three keys you need to make sure you see your pattern from start to finish.

Let's ignite your magic together! Enroll in Swatch Studio while the doors are still open!

Francoise, Aka frenchie

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When you enroll in Swatch Studio, you'll receive immediate access to ALL of these materials + bonuses!

MODULE #1: Spark

Learn how to take what's in that creative mind of yours and get it onto paper, kickstarting the process of transformation. 


From picking the perfect yarn for your design, why it's so important to swatch, why math doesn't have to be scary and how to layout your charts, confidently set up the foundation for your design. This is where many aspiring designers give up and get lost in the frustrations - but not you! Learn the best practices and how to navigate this part of the process without feeling overwhelm.


What information does a pattern need? How should it all be laid out? How to ensure that everything is up to standard? I'll teach you how to write and layout your pattern so that it's well-written, easy-to-follow and contains all the information that a knitter would need (and make them want to come back for more!).



To take attractive photos of your design, you don't need a fancy camera. Here, I'll be sharing basic photography, composition and editing concepts so that you can start taking better photos without having to buy expensive cameras.


Learn the difference between an tech editor and test knitter, and why you should enlist the services of both. I'll also teach you how and where to set up test knits effectively so that you can ensure the quality of your pattern.


There is so much that goes behind the scenes before a pattern goes live onto Ravelry. Here, I'll be teaching you how to effectively craft your pattern page, how to plan out your promotional campaign, teach you my secrets to building an Instagram following, finding your courage and confidence, and setting up your pattern and brand for success.


Bonus Module: EXTRA SUPPORT 

From setting up a Ravelry group, to creating schematics, I've created bonus videos to enhance your experience! The best part about this module is that I will continuously create videos for this section depending on YOUR need. Remember, you don't just get this course. You get a community AND me!

Exclusive Facebook Group

What's a class without classmates and the teacher? The Facebook Group is a supportive, encouraging community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and find support.

Worksheets + Resources

In addition to the video lessons, you'll get worksheets and resources to further elevate your understanding of knitwear design as you practice the concepts you learned in the lessons in a practice environment!


The supplementary textbook to the course that delves into the specifics of shawl design - chart construction, math calculations, how to chart stitch patterns into a shawl shape, etc. If you already have this e-book, check inside it for a special discount!

A sampling of the Stunning designs created by students of swatch studio

Lost Highway Shawl
by Alicia Hall


Dandelion Shawl
by Katalin Beth


Ngahuru Cowl
by Amy Elizabeth

Tiveden Shawl
by Suzanne Sjögren

Little Garden
by Armenuhi Khachatryan

by Valérie Verrier

Roxanne Pattern
by Heddi Craft

Cornus Suecica Shawl
by Merethe Naas

The Ocean Floor
by Katrina J Smith

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  • Being struck by inspiration and knowing exactly what to do on how to bring it to life
  • Feeling confident (and excited!) about your pattern that you'll be publishing for the community to enjoy

  • Having so much pride and excitement when your pattern hits Ravelry's Hot Right Now page

  • Experiencing a thrill of excitement when you see your first pattern sale go through

  • Getting blown away with appreciation, gratitude and happiness when you see your pattern knit up by another's hands.

  • Catching the attention of magazines, yarn makers and other influencers in the industry for collaborations

  • Establishing your brand by creating a community of knitters who LOVE your designs and can't wait until the next release

  • Being part of a encouraging and empowering community of creatives!

  • Instilling a sense of fulfillment, purpose and confidence in yourself

stop dreaming and wishing; start taking action to make your dream a reality!


Here's Everything You Get!


6 Sections, 15 Modules, Bonus Section,
Worksheets + Resources, Exclusive Facebook Group,
Bi-Annual KALs, Forming Shawls and Their Charts,
Free Content Upgrades

Here's a FREE preview of the course

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This fabulous course has provided an amazing starting point for me as I jump in to the adventure that is knitwear design! The course material is concise and practical while being easy and enjoyable to consume. It provides a wealth of information and advice to aspiring designers, from coming up with a concept, to getting it out into the world! This course has demystified the process of knitwear design while providing me with information I didn’t know I needed to know (but definitely do)!
— Becky Sorensen
I really love how you give all the details and information on becoming a knitwear designer. This is the first course and workbook (and there are many courses and books out there on knitwear design) that I actually get and understand, somehow your course and workbook took away the fear and gave me the understanding from start to finish on how to become a knitwear designer.

I love how you show the whole process of knitwear designing to getting the pattern published. For me this course and workbook took the fear out of knitwear designing, and taught me how to enjoy the whole process of knitwear designing, giving me lots of helpful advise and tips in making the whole knitwear design process easier. This course and workbook has so much valuable information that any aspiring knitwear designer would need to know.
— Louise Clements
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  • Inclusion for bi-annual KALs
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is the course self-paced and can I access it anytime?

Yes and yes! You can determine your own schedule. The course can help you manage your time for designing around your busy routines!

+ Who is this course for?

For absolute beginner designers, but knitters who have been designing for a while who want a confidence boost and really improve the quality of their work are welcome!

+ What if I already have the e-book "Forming Shawls and Their Charts"?

Not to worry, there's a special discount code in the ebook that you can use to get a $20 discount off on the course!

+ Are payment plans available?

Yes, but just for the luminary and manifestation levels.

+ Can you offer refunds?

Yes, however, it's on a "show your work" basis and within 30 days of purchasing the course. If the course is not just working for you, just send me an email and we can sort things out!

+ Can I pay using Paypal?

Yes! You can chose to pay via Paypal or Credit Card.