The idea for this podcast came from my obsession with the question “Why do we knit?”.

I’ve asked this question to my tribe of Fibre Muses plenty of times, in fact, the whole concept of the Fibre Muses was born from the various answers to that question. We knit as a form of self-care, selflessness, self-expression, self-discovery…

But I want to go deeper and wider. I want to explore and share the stories of “why” from knitters, just like yourself, from all walks of life, from different parts of the world, all ages and sizes and races and genders…

For what purpose?

To contribute to the narrative of the power and value of knitting.

I believe that knitting is more than just a hobby and want to fight against the stigma that many knitters face: that it’s something that old ladies do (which I find quite disrespectful!), that it has no place in the modern world, that it’s a useless, wasteful and burdensome hobby that holds no value and shift to an uplifting narrative of how our work and art as knitters can make a difference, make a change, make an impact.

I believe that knitting is a powerful medium that is capable of bringing more joy, healing, creativity and connection into our lives.

By sharing these stories of “Why we knit”, we are then able to recognize how knitting makes an impact in our lives and the lives of others.

Help me in creating a movement where we transmogrify knitwear into experiences and moments that bless and uplift us and others… one stitch at a time.


The life and death of this podcast creation lies heavily on your contribution and support! As this is a curation of stories around “Why we knit”, I cannot just share my own story of why I knit and how it has impacted my life. That would make for a repetitive and boring podcast, I think.

  1. Share your story! Whether you’re a knitter, knitwear designer, yarn dyer, tech editor, whatever role you play, I want to hear it! All stories are important and good. Either through written, audio or video form. As stories comprise the main content of the podcast, this is the important contribution that we need to start it out! To ensure good quality episodes, written submissions must be at minimum 1 page (which will be read out loud by me), audio and video submissions at minimum 5 minutes long. We are aiming for 20 minute episodes to be released every two weeks.

  2. Become a sponsor. The current sponsorship rate is $30/spot + a giveaway prize. Each episode contains two paid sponsorships spots (one at the beginning, one at the end). In return you will get a 20sec-60sec long spot read out loud by me during the episode, with either a script or a freeform ad-lib guided by bullet points written by you and a mention in the blog post containing a short description, logo, and two photos.

  3. Spread the news! Sharing this post and helping it reach out as far as possible is our best bet for generating the amount of content needed for the first few episode of the podcast before launch. As we are aiming to pre-record 5 episodes before launching the inaugural episode, we are aiming for 50 stories (our stretch goal is 100 - which will be more than enough to keep the podcast going for a good half-year and generate and build a strong and solid following).