Contribute to the Community!

About the sponsorship program

I host KALs and challenges in my FB group on a regular basis and having prizes available for participants would be very much appreciated!

Signing up to be a sponsor is very simple. Just fill out the form to be added to the list of sponsors, and when I have an upcoming KAL or challenge that requires prizes or donations, I will send out an email with a sign-up sheet for you to enter your information into (along with providing photos of the prize). As I live in Japan, you do not have to ship anything to me - just hold onto your prize until the winner has been drawn! Spots for these sponsorships are unlimited, but there are deadlines for signup dates.


  • A shoutout in a blog promo post
  • A shoutout in a live-stream in the FB group
  • A shoutout in IG stories
  • A shoutout in a FB group promo post

About The Designer

Kia Ora! My name is Francoise, but feel free to call me Frenchie.

I am a Yarn Alchemist: I transform yarn into knitwear designs for Fibre Muses, like you, to enjoy and also teach others how to become Yarn Alchemists themselves! (I'm also a Mystic Fibre Muse!)

My mission is to evolve and grow, and right now, the way I do that is by helping my Fibre Muses, like you, dive deep into themselves to find their creativity and magic. As a result of working with me, you can transform you yarn into a piece of fiber art, as well as discover and benefit from the magical properties of knitting, in order to create a more meaningful experience.