Transform your yarn into knitwear
that's aligned with your creative vision.


Transform your knitting experience.

Have you been feeling that creative itch to try your own hand at creating your own knitwear designs?

Do you ever feel inspired to knit something but don't find a pattern that's quite suited for your needs?

What if you could transform your yarn according to your creative vision and inner magic?


One of the most gratifying moments of designing my own pattern is when I take the finished piece off of the blocking mats and it came out the exact way I envisioned it. It's a very empowering moment, and one that's super easy to get addicted to - I have to continue designing more! What else can I create? How far can I push my creative limits and boundaries? In what ways can I transform my yarn?

Designing my own knitwear has created a new type of relationship between me, my yarn and my needles. It requires me to really dig deep within myself, to think, to create, to transform, and in turn, I develop a much more enriching and rewarding knitting experience. It also makes me see myself in a new light, one of a creative being who is able to take her creative visions and manifest it into reality.

Join me October 9th as I will be running my popular 10 day workshop, Initiate Knit Design, where you will discover how you can transform your yarn into designs of your own creation. This workshop is NOT about creating the perfect design on the first try. It is about guiding you through the process of knitwear design so that when inspiration hits you, you know exactly what to do and do it with CONFIDENCE + CREATIVITY.

We kick off in just a few days - Don't miss out, once we start, enrollment closes!


Workshop Breakdown:
How you're going to transform your yarn in 10 days.

Lessons Sent straight to your inbox

You will receive your lesson and homework every other day to give you time to complete each assignment, with an email containing extra training and tips on the "rest" days.

Daily Live-Streams in the Fibre Muse Circle

Upon signing up for the workshop you will receive a special invitation to the Fibre Muse Sanctuary. Join me + other Fibre Muses every day as I go over the lesson and assignment as well as answer your Q&As.

An Engaging and Encouraging Community

One of the best parts of this workshop is the community that comes with it. Find encouragement and support other Fibre Muses as they transform their yarn alongside you. We are a community that values collaboration and positivity over competition.


Kia Ora! My name is Francoise, but feel free to call me Frenchie.

I am a Yarn Alchemist: I transform yarn into knitwear designs with an emphasis on self-care, self-discovery, selflessness and self-expression in order to create a more enriching and engaging experience between you, your yarn and your needles.

My mission is to evolve and grow, and right now, the way I do that is by helping my Fibre Muses, like you, dive deep into themselves to find their creativity and magic. 

As someone who has been designing patterns for almost three years now and have created a successful brand and career out of it, I've also taught others how to become Yarn Alchemists themselves and set them on the path to developing their own knitwear design brands. I like to consider myself a Catalyst rather than a teacher, as I ignite the spark of creativity and transformation, encouraging and empowering you to take the next steps needed to go forward without fear.