Who is the yarn Alchemist?

The Yarn Alchemist is the Fibre Muse's big sister.

The Yarn Alchemist wants something more from her craft. As much as she loves to knit up patterns from other designers, she's been feeling that urge to transform her yarn into a piece of fibre art from that source of creativity and magic from deep within her. Whether she's been inspired by art, nature, personal experiences, culture, anything, she wants to learn how to take that spark that's trying to ignite itself inside her, and turn it into a blaze. More connection, more self-expression, more exploration, more meditation, more glory. 

Designing knitwear presents a special challenge to the Yarn Alchemist - not only learning how to take what vision is in her head and communicating it in stitches, but also how to communicate that to other Fibre Muses, so that they may follow her lead and transform their yarn into their own special interpretations of that vision.

She's nervous, yes indeed. Where does she start on getting what's in her brilliant, beautiful and expansive mind onto stitches and then onto paper? How does she overcome the fear of putting her work out there? How does she start laying down the foundations of a hobby or career in knitwear design? She doesn't want to release her work and have nothing come from it - or worse, have knitters work up her designs and then hate it. That would cause her to put down her needles forever!

So are you an aspiring Yarn Alchemist who wants to burst out of her shell but finds herself tied down by self-doubt, fear and overwhelm? 

Here at Aroha Knits, in addition to designing knitwear, I also teach how to design knitwear and kickstart a brand in this field. I host my two free signature challenges: 5 Shawls, 5 Days challenge and the Initiate Knit Design challenge, and open enrollment to my signature e-course, SWATCH Studio, several times a year which helps transform knitters into confident designers. I also have a resource book on shawl construction and design, "Forming Shawls and Their Charts", available to designers of all levels who want to get into the knitty-gritty of shawl design without feeling overwhelmed by chart construction and shawl specific maths.

Forming Shawls and Their Charts

Create Your Own Unique Shawl Designs

Shawls are one of the most popular types of designs and patterns in the knitting community. Versatile in shape, design elements and style, the possibilities for creating a stunning shawl design are endless.

And you want to explore all those options. 

If you enjoyed the 5 Shawls, 5 Days challenge, then this e-book is for you! With 15 shawl shapes to explore and discover, you'll find the possibilities for shawl design and knitting endless.

Initiate Knit Design

Light the spark you need to start designing your own patterns!

In this 10-day challenge, I will guide you through my approach to knitwear design, starting from the conceptualization to writing up your first pattern draft. This challenge is not about making the perfect design, or even creating a design at the end that you are 100% happy with. It's about learning the theory, then taking ACTION and making things HAPPEN. We create magic when we make our dreams reality. Enrollment is currently closed.

Swatch Studio

How to Design Knitwear
with Confidence + Creativity

Swatch Studio is more than just an online course. It not only hits the sweet spot between a clear, linear structure to demystify the knitwear design process and build up your confidence, while allowing for flexibility and adjustments (because, let’s be honest, creativity is pretty tough to pack in a nice little box wrapped in a red bow); it’s also a community with direct accountability and direct access to me personally.

One-on-one Knitwear Design Coaching Calls

Get personalized help and one-on-one guidance directly with me!

A design element stumping you? Need to figure how to chart a particular stitch pattern? Want some guidance on how to launch and promote your upcoming pattern release? Or have some mindset hurdles that you need help overcoming?

Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call or a 30 or 50 minute laser-focused coaching session. 

  • 30 minute calls are $57 ($27 for SWATCH Students)
  • 50 minute calls are $97 ($47 for SWATCH Students)

After the session, an invoice will be sent to you via Paypal.