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For as little as $5 a month, members of the Aroha Knits Patreon get a special mention here in our Hall of Fame, as well as in the credits of upcoming pattern releases. Every little bit of monthly support helps us pay our expenses so we can continue focusing on creating patterns, workshops, KALs and content to help our tribe of Fibre Muses transform their yarn.

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Shanda Solomon


Christelle Bagea (Tricot & Stitch)

Gold Patreons

Sarah S.

Sharon Hoham

Zoya Michel

Silver Patreons

Carolyn H.

Roberta Reid

Yuri Kojima

Deborah J. Mindick

Sue Brooks

Natalie Goudey

Geri Lacagnina

Helen Stuart

Vicki W.

Jennie Byron

Jo E.

Florence Rolland-Soulier

Roseann Esser

Christy Furlan

Terry Klein

Stacy Person

Shannon Burrows

Karen Moffett

Janna Ford

Teresa Sanchez

Genevieve Khayat

Jane Conway

Carmen Paul

Glafira's Knitwork

Regina McCreery

Good Knit Irene


Selma Gallet

Mary Lou Emmel

Donna Hays

Lyneth Faure

Deborah Reek

Claire Lala


Cindy Kester

Bronze Patreons

Carmen R.

Robin G.

Kendra C.

Kathy Harry

Louise Atkins

Melanie Cheripka

Mary Ellen Tie

Heather Armstrong


Araceli Rivas


Reni LeBard

Suan Olson

Salla Toikka

Kristen Jancuk


Sarah Louise Ricketts

Sarah Devantier

Meredith Murphy

Bekah Todd

Betty McTiernan

Rebecca Cheriton


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