Unveil your inner magic as a Fibre Muse

What is the DISCOVERY Quiz?

All Aroha Knits offerings are designed with the best interests of the Fiber Muse in mind. 

Who is the Fiber Muse? What does she believe in? And more importantly, are you one, and what type of Fiber Muse are you?

In a nutshell, the Fibre Muse is thoughtful, soulful and adventurous in spirit, and seeks knitting as a form of expressing herself creatively, to help and serve others, a method of self-care, and a path to creating a deeper connection with the world around her.

There are four types of Fibre Muses: the Dreamer, the Seeker, the Giver, and the Mystic. All these Fibre Muses share the same qualities as each other, but each one manifests their special type of magic more strongly than the others. This Discovery Quiz will help you unveil which Muse is resonating more strongly within you at this moment and how to manifest her more powerfully in your life.


Upon completing the test, you'll be taken to that Fibre Muse's special portal where you'll receive...

  • An in-depth explanation of that Muse's magic
  • Downloadable pdf of the Fibre Muse Mantra, so you can live the values of the Fibre Muse
  • Special mini challenges to better manifest her in your life
  • Downloadable desktop wallpapers so you can remind yourself of who you are
  • A 6-pattern bundle specifically handpicked for that Fibre Muse, available at a special price!
  • Subscription to the Weekly Muse, my weekly newsletter where you'll receive updates on new pattern releases along with special discounts, notification of upcoming challenges and KALs, and other Aroha Knits happenings.
  • An invitation to the exclusive Fibre Muse Sanctuary FB group, a community where you can create bonds and friendships with like-minded Muses, who will inspire and motivate you on a daily basis.

Your Guide

Kia Ora! My name is Francoise, but feel free to call me Frenchie.

I am a Yarn Alchemist: I transform yarn into knitwear designs for Fibre Muses, like you, to enjoy and also teach others how to become Yarn Alchemists themselves! (I'm also a Mystic Fibre Muse!)

My mission is to evolve and grow, and right now, the way I do that is by helping my Fibre Muses, like you, dive deep into themselves to find their creativity and magic. As a result of working with me, you can transform you yarn into a piece of fiber art, as well as discover and benefit from the magical properties of knitting, in order to create a more meaningful experience.