At Aroha Knits, we are passionate about makers sharing their stories of transformation and creation. We are story-tellers, seeking to connect to our audiences through inspiring and enchanting stories that seek to answer the question "Why do we knit?" and reflecting upon the benefits and impact knitting has on our lives.

We accept articles about a vast range of topics. Each issue centers around one of the four Fibre Muses. Click on each type to learn more about what that Fibre Muse represents.

Mystic: self-care, meditation, mindfulness, therapy

Seeker: self-discovery, connection, culture

Giverselflessness, charity, activism, healing

Dreamer: self-expression, creativity, color

And it doesn't have to be just articles either! Short stories, interviews, recipes, poems... any written form is welcome. 

We accept submissions all year round - the only requirement we have is that the submission be new and not have been published before. At the moment, we are specifically looking for articles for our Fall/Winter 2018 Issue.

If you have a finished article or story, please send it along with some information about yourself. If it is an idea, please send us an outline and a sample of previous work, along with an estimate of the length of the piece, and how the article ties into the Fibre Muse theme.

Compensation is offered on a scale of length of article, etc. To apply, send an email to with the subject line "Article Submission [Name of Issue]".